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Global Ethics Forum 2015: outcomes of the flagship event

The sixth edition of the's flagship event, the Global Ethics Forum, was held in Geneva from 25 to 27 June 2015. Leaders, experts and future leaders from civil society, government, religious and academic institutions as well as from the business sector came together to share their learning and experiences in order to take action together to promote responsible leadership.

The Forum welcomed a total of 160 participants from all continents. Over 50 speakers shared their insights in four plenary sessions and 12 workshops, resulting in concrete project plans on the conference topic "Responsible Leadership in Action: The Value of Values." The programme also featured a public evening with a panel discussion, music and a reception hosted by the City of Geneva at the Graduate Institute Geneva. Photographs taken during the Forum give some of the flavour of the event,

"The insights shared focused on both parts of the responsible leadership equation: the personal and the organisational level of value awareness, practice and stewardship for stakeholder needs", commented Professor Christoph Stückelberger, Executive Director and Founder of

On the personal level, keynote speaker Musimbi Kanyoro, President and CEO of the US-based Global Fund for Women, emphasised the need for empathy towards the people one serves, as well as sharing, celebrating others and accepting failure.

The programme also offered a personal reflection session on the value of compassion and emphasized sharing, openness and gratefulness as core values for the Forum experience.

On the organizational level, the gathering focused on overarching tools like organisational training and codes of ethics, integrated reporting and dialogue; sector-specific tools; as well as problem-specific tools such as those used to address gender equality.  Workshops were designed to exchange insights on existing tools and then to create a work plan to build upon them for greater impact.

As well as providing the opportunity to forge and strengthen invaluable relationships between different actors, the Forum's outcomes include a colourful bouquet of concrete plans to foster responsible leadership in organisations, including: disseminating knowledge about codes of ethics; creating access to sustainable jobs and education; enhancing awareness and knowledge about gender ethics; strengthening values-driven responsible investment; improving Africa-China business relations through further dialogue; developing an integrated values-based sustainability toolkit for business; understanding higher education's impact on community; ensuring knowledge exchange on values-based higher education programmes;  fostering ethical elections in DR Congo; and advancing responsible resource management in religious organisations.

The 2015 Global Ethics Forum was made possible through the support of the Loterie Romande, the Ville de Genève, the Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust, the Graduate Institute Geneva and Nestlé SA.

News items about the Forum and a webcast of the public event at the Graduate Institute Geneva on 25 June can be found on the Global Ethics Forum pages at