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Green Campuses: combining academic and holistic approaches

Day 2, Lab 9. Participants gathered to talk about "Green Campuses" with emphasis on specific characteristics and models.
The Global Ethics Forum 2016 - Lab 9This Lab was facilitated by Aidan Msafiri, Professor of Ethics at Mwenge Catholic University in Tanzania, also a Globethics Publications author.
The first part of the discussion was around the definition of "Green Campuses" and their different models according to universities and countries. One of the universities' responsibilities is to have an effective green attitude to raise the awareness of future leaders. The importance of implementing efficient and coordinated environmental management was also highlighted.
The discussion was then focused on business model analysis, spiritual approach, information technology (IT), research, local culture and education.
Other points were raised, such as:
How important is the subject of "Green Campus"?
Are Green Campus issues a reserved field for specialists ? What about the notion of (everybody's) "attitude"?
How Green are "Green Campuses"?
Case studies were introduced by some speakers, including the French INSEEC campus and the Belfort College in India.