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How to measure ethics?

Day 2, Lab 10. The "Measurement and Quality" lab was moderated by Gard Titlestad and was enriched by the contributions of Maria Gloria Njoku (Nigeria) and Nguyen Hoang Anh (Vietnam).
The Global Ethics Forum - Lab 10 Measurement and QualityThe experiences in both Vietnam as well as in Nigeria underline the struggle with accreditation. It is important as a way to sell the school, but in some countries governments do not offer accreditation processes, or these are not felt to be applied in a fair way. There are many trade-offs that require choices. For example there is too much attention on the numbers, not on the quality; students are driven by the degree, not by acquiring knowledge. How to respond to these trade-offs in accreditation processes, how to ensure all stakeholders are heard—not least students? 
During the workshop participants suggested the following:
  • Accreditation should be offered by governments to all institutions (including public, and private ones);
  • Accreditation processes should be transparent, evidence-based and fair;
  • Accreditation should promote quality education;
  • Accreditation processes should be regularly reviewed in the light of quality, fairness, transparency and peer-learning
Other issues remain open to be discussed further, such as the criteria for accreditation, the involvement of students in the accreditation processes and others issues that could easily fill a next Global Ethics Forum.