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Living and implementing values

Day 2,  Governance Good Practices: Living the Values. "How do we implement values in the institutions?" asked Christoph Stückelberger. What a challenging question. Three different and inspiring approaches were brought up and discussed by the speakers.
The Global Ethics Forum 2016 - Living the Values sessionThree different and inspiring approaches to that issue were proposed this morning, by : Thomas Kesselring, Professor, Institut für Philosophie in Bern, Switzerland; Paulachan Kochappilly, President and Professor of Moral Theology at Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram in Bangalore, India; and Siti Syamsiyatun, Director of the Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies in Yogyarta, Indonesia. Philosophical engagement, fair use of power, values and virtues, dialogue with God and with the world, spiritual practices and importance of humour were some of the very different points discussed.
Living and implementing values—a definitively fundamental and important issue we continued to discuss after the plenary session; an official and easy way to do it? a challenge? a secret recipe? 
A remark from Heidi Hadsell, President of Hartford Seminary and Professor of Social Ethics, USA: "We all face the same Challenge with "living our values", regardless our country, our culture, our profession, our religion… And one of the aims of such a conference like here is to help us to face this challenge, and to remember how important (ethical) values are. Hopefully we all got here something concrete and also energy to go back to our institutions, to our countries".