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Teaching Business Ethics

Day 1, Lab 4.

In a world of ever-changing values and priorities how can leaders and teacher respond to the growing needs for ethics in business today?

The Global Ethics Forum 2016 - Lab 4 "Teaching Business Ethics"Moderated by Prof. Arnold Smit, speakers Joan Dubinsky, Martin Brasser, and Nguyen Hoang Ahn led an articulate discussion on the theme "Teaching Business Ethics", providing varied perspectives and sentiments on the current status of Business Ethics, methods of teaching business ethics and possible future developments in the practice of business ethics. The opening discussion was focused on the changing paradigm in business, which the moderator suggested is moving towards a more inclusive and pragmatic approach in businesses today, opening the floor for relevant narratives of how ethics in business is being used with participants contributing with their own experiences and stories.

A significant outcome of the discussion called for the engagement and participation of student as "key content creators for ethical study", a suitable proposal in response to the demand for transgenerational collaboration and action.

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