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Transdisciplinarity worskshop: Freedom, mutual respect and cultural context

Day 1, Lab 3. "Transdisciplinary Ethics Curricula" was a dynamic Lab focused on pluralistic and multicultural society.
The Global Ethics Forum 2016 - Lab 3Three speakers from different continents opened the debate. It was a dynamic and broad roundtable discussion, moving from philosophical notions and history to contemporary challenges and practical experiences.
Participants from different countries and cultures, with different responsibilities in Higher Education, shared their approaches and experiences, which made the workshop practical and diverse. 
"In this Laboratory about transdisciplinarity we experienced ourselves the diversity of points of view and approaches in Higher Education" recognized Dr. Patrice Brodeur (KAICIID, Canada).
François Dermange, moderator of this Laboratory and Professor at the University of Geneva, pointed out the importance of "Out-of-the-Box thinking" in his introductory talk.
Indeed, developing ‘transdisciplinary endeavours may probably help Transdisciplinary Curricula building. And, in fact, during this first meeting participants expressed a real need for working (first) on common understanding, definitions and consensus.
It was also mentioned that both transdisciplinary and monodisciplinary approaches should be offered.
A dynamic Laboratory with today's concrete challenges and exciting opportunities for tomorrow.