The 2016 full report is now available

This report is the fruit of a two-and-a-half-day dialogue between experienced speakers and 165 participants from over 55 countries.   Leer más »

Benevolent and Toxic Management

Day 2, Lab 11. “New Management Models" workshop   Leer más »

Global inequity - question that arise with publications

Day 1, Lab 6. “Publication Ethics” Workshop   Leer más »

How to define the right things and appropriate time for its implementation?

Day 1, Plenary session. “Teaching the right things in the right ways”   Leer más »

Putting ethics into practice - academia and beyond

More ethics in higher education is urgently needed: this is one of the main conclusions of the Global Ethics Forum 2016 organised from 23-25 June 2016 by   Leer más »

The Global Ethics Forum 2016: What's next?

On 25 June, the third and last day of the Global Ethics Forum 2016, an overview was presented of all the topics discussed in the 12 Labs (workshops) over the first two days of intense brain...   Leer más »

Changing times

Day 1 - Handover ceremony. On Thursday 23 June 2016, an evening celebration with music, video clips, speeches, gift-giving and flowers marked the official handover from Walter Fust to Christoph...   Leer más »

Transdisciplinarity worskshop: Freedom, mutual respect and cultural context

Day 1, Lab 3. "Transdisciplinary Ethics Curricula" was a dynamic Lab focused on pluralistic and multicultural society.   Leer más »

Green Campuses: combining academic and holistic approaches

Day 2, Lab 9. Participants gathered to talk about “Green Campuses” with emphasis on specific characteristics and models.   Leer más »

Should values be institutionalised?

Day 2, Governance Good Practices: Institutionalising the Values. The inputs for labs 7 to 12 were presented during this session.   Leer más »

Research ethics

Day 2, Lab 8. The “Committees for Research“ is a huge challenge that should not be neglected in multi-cultural and multi-lingual academia.   Leer más »

Living and implementing values

Day 2, Governance Good Practices: Living the Values. “How do we implement values in the institutions?” asked Christoph Stückelberger. What a challenging question. Three different and inspiring...   Leer más »

Ethical challenges and responses

Day 1, Opening Panel. What are the ethical challenges and responses in higher education from a cross-sectorial perspective?   Leer más »

How to measure ethics?

Day 2, Lab 10. The “Measurement and Quality” lab was moderated by Gard Titlestad and was enriched by the contributions of Maria Gloria Njoku (Nigeria) and Nguyen Hoang Anh (Vietnam).   Leer más »

Book and Collection launch

Day 2, Book Launch. During the Global Ethics Forum 2016, published and launched 6 new books and the Latin America collection. The launch was introduced by Ignace Haaz,   Leer más »

Teaching Business Ethics

Day 1, Lab 4. In a world of ever-changing values and priorities how can leaders and teacher respond to the growing needs for ethics in business today?   Leer más »

Ethics and Anti-Corruption policies

Day 2, Lab 12. What is corruption? To start the discussion some philosophical definitions were presented. The first speaker, Joan Dubinsky, suggested that universities should teach how to deal with...   Leer más »

Students' Extracurricular Engagement

Day1, Lab 2. The workshop centred around the two contributions from Dorothy Gao Huan of the Centre of International Business and Economics (CIBE- University of Beijing) and Jennifer Nicolay,...   Leer más »

Plagiarism & Ghostwriting

Day 1, Lab 5. Did you know that plagiarism and ghostwriting are two critical issues in universities and institutions of higher education which is a worldwide struggle? Why, despite standard...   Leer más »

Transformative Teaching Methods

Day 1, Lab 1. This session on transformative teaching methods was highly engaging and full of energy. It was in every bit highly participatory with key inputs from every member of the Lab.   Leer más »