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2015 Global Ethics Forum in Geneva to boost Responsible Leadership


Geneva, 19 June 2015

2015 Global Ethics Forum in Geneva
to boost Responsible Leadership

Practical tools for ethical transformation through responsible leadership: this is the expected outcome of the Global Ethics Forum 2015. Leaders, experts and future leaders from civil society, business, government, religious and academic institutions will gather from 25-27 June in Geneva/Switzerland.

The theme of the 2015 Global Ethics Forum is: "Responsible Leadership in Action. The Value of Values." Over 50 speakers from all continents will share their experiences and solutions. Actions to be addressed at the 2015 Global Ethics Forum include:

•      Overarching tools like Code of Ethics, Integrated Reporting, Responsibility Trainings and Dialogue
•      Sector-specific tools for the media, investment, politics and higher education
•      Problem-specific tools concerning women's equality, unemployment and resource management

The three-day-event includes plenary sessions, workshops, a public panel discussion at the Graduate Institute, as well as the launch of a worldwide largest online Code of Ethics Collection.

"Responsible Leadership requires responsiveness to our values, our inner compass for actions, and to the effect of our actions on the world around us" said Professor Dr. Christoph Stückelberger, the Executive Director and Founder of and organizer of the forum. "We are seeking to exchange and build on tools that boost responsible leadership across society sectors, across continents" he stated.

The 2015 event builds on the previous forums. It will not only discuss existing solutions, but also create project workgroups and draw up action plans to further extend the impact of these solutions.

The 2015 Global Ethics Forum takes place at the Ecumenical Centre, 150 route de Ferney, Geneva, Switzerland (close to UN and ILO).

The Geneva-based foundation is the largest global ethics network, dedicated to promoting values-driven transformation, with over 138,000 participants from all over the world and with a digital library of over 1.5 million documents.

For media enquiries: Nadia Gianoli or Olivier Coeur de Roy: +41 22 791 63 36 (office) Email:;

For contacts for interviews: Christoph Stueckelberger mobile +41 79 419 68 12.

The forum is open to media. Journalists are requested to register online at: