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GEF 2015: First competition essay on responsible leadership results announced

Tanzanian student, Shijja Kevin Kuhumba and China's Yue Liyuan, China have jointly won the First Global Essay Competition 2015 on "Responsible Leadership".

The winners were announced at a ceremony hosted by the City of Geneva at the Graduate Institute on 25 June as part of the sixth Global Ethics Forum. The competition involved regional programmes in Indonesia, China, India, Russia, Eastern Africa, Francophone Africa and South America. More than 315 essays in English, Indonesian, Chinese, Russian, French and Spanish were submitted, said Christoph Stückelberger, Director and Founder of Geneva-based Globethics. In each Regional Programme, 3-5 winners were selected and awarded.

A four-person committee from three continents did the judging. They were: Prof. Heidi Hadsell, USA, Prof. Christoph Stückelberger, Switzerland, Gayari Kanth, India and Prof. Bernie Adeney, Indonesia.


They sifted through the entries to select the global winners from among the 22 regional winners.

Kuhumba's essay was entitled, "Responsible Leadership as an Ethical Tool in Managing Natural Resources in Tanzania." In his submission he said, "Irresponsible leadership in managing natural resources in Tanzania appears to be hindrance to holistic development and poverty eradication. This requires a paradigm shift from shareholding through multinational companies to care-taking involving sustainability of the entire society both present and future generations."

Yue Liyuan essay was entitled, "On the Protection of Labor Rights in Corporate Social Responsibility in China."

The Responsible Leadership second prize winners were Luis Alberto Meléndez Guerrero from Peru and Vikas N. Prabhu, India. The Peruvian anthropologist, political scientist and researcher from the Instituto de Estudios Políticos Andinos, submitted an essay that "evidences the multiple and contradictory accountability practices that emerge under social unrest scenarios."  India's joint second prize winner, Vikas N. Prabhu, India, sent in an essay entitled, "The Responsibility towards Responsible Leadership.""

Two third prizes were awarded to Russia's Semenov Eugeny Vadimovitch and Irene Ludji from Indonesia: Vadimovitch, a student at MEPhI National Nuclear University, had an essay entitled "Ethical Leadership in Politics." He said, "I try to set strategic tasks for several years ahead and constantly move towards their fulfilment. I value intellect, responsibility and capability to play in team."

Ludji sent in an essay entitle: "Responsible Leadership: Lessons from Thomas Merton." She is a teacher in ethics for graduate students at Satya Wacana Christian University (SWCU). Ludji said, "Given that the root cause of violence is social injustice (whether real or imagined), the church has to proactively work toward social justice. The church's leaders play an important role in promoting social justice."

Peter Kenny

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