Gender and Theology
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Cultural Diversity Awareness: Perceptions Of Community Residents And Police Personnel
Towards Achieving Gender Equality in Automated Loan Approval Processes
Women's Volleyball Scores Triple-Double
The proposed Termination of Pregnancy Bill debate in Malawi: a re-reading of mark 5:25-34.
Гласник Етнографског института САНУ 59 (1) / Bulletin of the Institute of Ethnography SASA 59 (1)
The George-Anne Daily
The implications of queer sexuality in ministry: the experiences of queer clergy in the Methodist church of Southern Africa.
Letopis križevačkih Jevreja. Pogrom 1941. godine i logor za Jevrejke u Gornjoj Rijeci
Hvordan ble kvinners stemme offentlig? Retorikk og kjønn i fire debatter med polemiker og feminist Kitty L. Kielland.
Гласник Етнографског института САНУ 62 (2) / Bulletin of the Institute of Ethnography SASA 62 (2)
1 2 3 . . . 4171