Interreligious Dialogue
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Catholic Deacons and the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick
The Defense of Tradition: The Traditional Orient Madrasas and The Critiques of its Muderrises (seydas’) to Modern Religious Education in Turkey
Inviting the Other: An ethnographically-informed social history of Sat Tal Christian Ashram
William Newton Short, Jr. Papers, 1948-1997
J W Roberts Papers, 1946-1972
Andy Thomas Ritchie, Jr. Papers, 1930-1970
William Webb Freeman Papers, 1912-1954
Defining and Crossing Borders: A Study of a Syriac Early Christian-Muslim Dialogue. The Disputation between a Muslim and a monk of Bēt Ḥālē in its historical and literary context.
Normatividade, unanimidade e reforma nos códices medievais de Alcobaça
Taking the "Sum Total" of the Common Good in Religious Freedom Discourse
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