Collection Description

Islamic Ethics has launched the Islamic ethics collection in March 2012. The collection offers a new model for sharing Islamic knowledge and resources across national and cultural barriers in order to make the diversity within Islamic thought and practice more visible and documents accessible for a global community.

Classification tree: Overview
CD Islamic Ethics Special Collection
              CD1 Sources
              CD2 Reference Works
              CD3 Institutional Documents
              CD4 Themes
              CD5 Other


Classification tree
CD Islamic Ethics Special Collection

Main Source:

1-The Quran
2-The Prophet's Hadits and Sunnah
3-History and Biography
4-Wise Words of the Religious Experts (Ulama/Imams)

CD1 Sources
             CD11 Foundational Texts
                                CD111 The Holy Quran
CD112 The Prophet's Hadith (Sunnah)
             CD12 Other Sources
                                CD121 The Quran and Its Tafsir
                                CD122 The Hadith and Its Explanations    
                                CD123 Wise Words of Religious Experts (Ulama)
                                CD124 Fatawa, Fiqh (Practical Jurisprudence) & Ushul Fiqh (Theor. Jurisprudence)                                                             CD1241 Fatawa
                                             CD1242 Fiqh (Usul Figh)
                                CD125 Tasawwuf (Islamic Mysticism) and Akhlaq (Virtue Ethics)
                                CD126 Islamic Theology and Philosophy
                                CD127 Khutbah (Islamic Sermon and Advice)
                                CD128 History and Biographies (Prophets and Saints)
                                CD129 Other

CD2 Reference Works
              CD21 Encyclopedias
              CD22 Dictionaries
              CD23 Bibliographies
              CD24 Handbook/Methodologies
              CD25 Biographies

CD3 Institutional Documents
              CD31 Islamic Organizations and Councils
Global and International level
National level
                                CD313 Local level

              CD32 Mosques and Islamic Centers
              CD33 University, School, Madrassah, and Pesantren
              CD34 Islamic Associations
                                CD341 Islamic Ethics Associations
                                CD342 Islamic Professional Organizations
                                CD343 Islamic Development Organizations
                                CD344 Islamic Da'wah (Missionaries) Societies
                                CD345 Islamic Orders, Sects, and Denominations
                                CD346 Islamic Academies
                                CD347 Other
              CD35 Islamic Schools of Thought
              CD36 Other

CD4 Themes
              CD41 Generalities
                                CD411 General             
                                CD412 Ethical Theories
                                CD413 Ethical Principles
                                CD414 Scriptural Ethics
                                CD415 Legal Ethics
                                CD416 Theological Ethics
                                CD417 Philosophical Ethics
               CD42 Community and Social Ethics
                                CD421 General
                                CD422 Lifestyle ethics
                                CD423 Family ethics
                                CD424 Gender ethics
                                CD425 Education and ethics
                                CD426 Ethnicity and ethics
                                CD427 Minority ethics
                                CD428 Other
               CD43 Science and Life Ethics
                                CD431 General
                                CD432 Bioethics
                                CD433 Sexual ethics
                                CD434 Medical ethics
                                CD435 Health ethics
                                CD436 Biomedical research
                                CD437 Biotechnologies
                                             CD4371 General
                                             CD4372 Genetically modified organisms
                                             CD4373 Other
                                CD438 End of Life Ethics
                                CD439 Other
               CD44 Economic Ethics
                                CD441 General
                                CD442 Business ethics
                                CD443 Ethics of economic systems
                                CD444 Labor/professional ethics
                                CD445 Technologies and ethics
                                CD446 Trade and ethics
                                CD447 Consumer ethics
                                CD448 Other
               CD45 Political Ethics
                                CD451 General
                                CD452 Ethics of political systems
                                CD453 Legal/rights ethics
                                CD454 Peace and conflict ethics
                                CD455 Governance and ethics
                                CD456 Development ethics
                                CD457 Other
                CD46 Environmental Ethics
                                CD461 General
                                CD462 Resources ethics
                                CD463 Biodiversity ethics
                                CD464 Animal ethics
                                CD465 Ethics of global commons
                                CD466 Other
                CD47 Cultural Ethics
                                CD471 General
                                CD472 Media/communication ethics
                                CD473 Cultural/inter-cultural ethics
                                CD474 Sports ethics
                                CD475 Secularization and ethics
                                CD476 Other
                CD48 Contemporary issues on Ethics
                CD49 Other
CD5 Other

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