Journal of Open Flexible and Distance Learning
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Addendum: Reading and studying from the screen
Inhabiting the Multiple Places, Spaces, and Time for Learning
Using Personal Mobile Devices to increase flexibility and equity in learning in resource constrained contexts.
Manu Tukutuku, ma te huruhuru ka rere te manu - empowering learners to soar. Phase One; Opening the doorway for Māori to succeed in a digital community where cultural capacity and knowledge is value...
What are the key attributes of effective online teachers?
Addendum: Reading and studying on the screen
Digital Fluency in Open, Flexible and Distance Learning
“To flip or not to flip, that’s the question” – Findings from an exploratory study into factors that may influence tertiary teachers to consider a flipped classroom model
Increasing Online Information Retention: Analyzing the Effects
Reflections of a new educational designer
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