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Lua Nova: Revista de Cultura e Política was established in 1984 as a key journal for debate and intervention in the main mobilizing issues of the Brazilian society. Since 1988, starting with the 15th. issue, it has been released in its present form: issues comprising core themes and avulse articles, dealing, as much in the field of empirical analysis as in theoretical grounds, with long range analysis on questions related to three main areas: democracy, citizenship and rights. Today, it is a first line publication in the academic field, highly ranked by research funding institutions, and present in national and international indexes. Lua Nova is published every four months.
Lua Nova aims to promote discussion over contemprary core issues, emphasizing the public character in the analysis of public policies and the Brazilian position in the analysis of the international environment. It stands as well for a scholarly theoretical approach both to national and international questions. Lua Nova publishes works from key figures in the fields approached, but also stands resolutely for the publishing of works from young or emerging authors.

ISSN: 0717-5906


The library contains articles of Lua Nova as of vol. 1(1984) to current.


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  • Ética Política
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