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Putting Theory into Practice: Incorporating a Community Engagement Model into Online Pre-professional Courses in Legal Studies and Human Resources Management
Introduction to Online Learning, Volume 23, Issue 2
Student engagement as predictor of xMOOC completion: An analysis from five courses on energy sustainability
A structural equation model of predictors of online learners’ engagement and satisfaction
Learner Engagement in Blended Learning Environments: A Conceptual Framework
Open Video Repositories for College Instruction: A Guide to the Social Sciences
Scribe Hero: An Online Teaching and Learning Approach for the Development of Writing Skills in the Undergraduate Classroom
A Book Review of Blended Learning in Action: A Practical Guide Toward Sustainable Change
Promoting a Sense of Belonging in Online Learning Communities of Inquiry
The Effectiveness of Professional Development in Overcoming Obstacles to Effective Online Instruction in a College of Education
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