Research in Learning Technology
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‘This is two different worlds, you have the asylum world and you have the study world’: an exploration of refugee participation in online Irish higher education
Holographic teaching presence: participant experiences of interactive synchronous seminars delivered via holographic videoconferencing
Open educational resources for research training: quality assurance through a collaborative evaluation
Supporting seamless learners: exploring patterns of multiple device use in an open and distance learning context
Technology-enhanced learning in physiotherapy education: Student satisfaction and knowledge acquisition of entry-level students in the United Kingdom
Analysing the impact of e-learning technology on students’ engagement, attendance and performance
Teacher self-efficacy in online education: a review of the literature
How a MOOC can effectively facilitate student transitions to an online distance postgraduate programme
Stakeholder perspectives on graphical tools for visualising student assessment and feedback data
Identifying online communities of inquiry in higher education using social network analysis
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