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Studies in Christian Ethics is an English-language peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to questions arising in the field of Christian ethics and moral theology. The journal is published in conjunction with the Society for the Study of Christian Ethics based in the UK, whose annual conference furnishes the themed material for the first issue of each volume. By publishing contributions from international scholars and influential theologians and philosophers, the journal seeks to strengthen debate and to foster research on the wide range of topics that emerge in this fast-growing field.


ISSN:    1745-5235



The Globethics Library contains all articles from Studies in Christian Ethics  from vol. 1(1988) no.1 to current, provided by Sage.




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Subjects GlobeEthicsLib

  • Ética Política
    • Ética del derecho
  • Ética religiosa
  • Métodos éticos/metaética
    • Ética teológica
    • Ética filosófica
  • Ética de la vida
    • Ética de la salud
  • Ética medioambiental
    • Ética hacia los animales
    • Ética de los bienes comunes mundiales

Subjects GlobeTheoLib

  • Religión comparada y diálogo interreligioso
    • Filosofía de la religión
  • La teología general/ otras