Verbum et Ecclesia
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Prayer and being church in postapartheid, multicultural South Africa
The Spirit and the law
The Deuteronomic view of history in Second Temple Judaism
Nostalgia as a pastoral–hermeneutical key for healing complicated grief in an Afro-Christian context
Reconciliation in South Africa in light of the imago Dei and koinonia
Prosperity gospel and the culture of greed in post-colonial Africa: Constructing an alternative African Christian Theology of Ubuntu
The nature and scope of Nietzsche’s philosophical reception of Genesis 2:4b–3:24
Interpreting texts and the matter of context: Examples from the Book of Ruth
Responses of farm managers pertaining the LIFEPLAN® Training and Equipping Programme as part of Christian formation with farm workers: A qualitative study
Migration history in South Africa as a lens for interpreting God’s mission: Towards a challenge for churches to embrace migrants
1 2 3 . . . 113