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Imparting Values Education to Strengthen Sustainable Inclusive Society

About this event

Critiquing the existing educational practice, or “banking concept” of education, Paulo Freire claims that learners are being turned into large containers where education becomes the act of depositing and teachers assume the role of depositors. Instead, he encourages stakeholders to develop a problem-posing education to promote a process of inquiry to find solutions to the existing threats and concerns people face.

Each age and time is characterised by its own set of complex ideas, dangers, hopes, values and aspirations to fulfil the expectations of life. Nevertheless, the world moves towards a technologically advanced level, and dangerous climate change looms over the population and threatens the peaceful co-existence of human beings and their immediate surroundings.

Amidst these concerns, researchers advocate for the importance of Values Education to be imparted to students across the curriculum focusing on areas such as collective identity, critical thinking, global vision, cooperation and social skills. New conceptual frameworks related to incorporating these values into the curricular domain are encouraged and play a vital role in making each community a more sustainable and inclusive one.

This academic conference, organised collaboratively by India, the Journal of Dharma and St. Jude’s College Thoothoor, is part of a series of deliberations on the themes of ethics, sustainability and society taking place for the third consecutive year. It offers a unique opportunity for researchers and educators and all stakeholders in the realm of education to share their knowledge in diverse pedagogies and to contribute to the emergence of a more sustainable and inclusive society.

When19 April 2022
06:30 CET
St. Jude's College, Thoothur, Kanyakumari Dist, Tamil Nadu, India 
WhatNational Seminar
Language English