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Teachers as Change Agents: An Ethical Approach

About this event

Teaching at its core is a moral profession. Teachers play a key role in realising successful changes in education. These characteristics pertain to lifelong learning (being eager to learn and reflective), mastery (giving guidance, being accessible, positive, committed, trustful, and self-assured), entrepreneurship (being innovative and feeling responsible), and collaboration (being collegial).

The teacher as a change agent has to be aware of the various elements and stages of change. The roles required of the teachers as change agents are both demanding and varied, entailing a set of leadership, facilitation and communication skills which would impress any management consultant. Teachers need to become transformative agents who treat students as active agents, utilise dialogic methods of teaching, and seek to create learning processes in which self-understanding and emancipation are possible.

Organised jointly by India and Rani Anna Government College for Women, this event is designed to educate faculty across different disciplines towards becoming ethically bound change agents for a better professional outlook.

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When14 September 2022
10:30 CEST
Language English