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Books with a focus on a topical ethical issues written by academics and researchers, usually with a continental or regional relevance

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Domestic Violence - Ethical Challenges to the Professionalism of Religious and Faith Leaders for Healing Survivors


Obiora Ike: Moral and Ethical Leadership, Human Rights and Conflict Resolution

Author: Ruth Dymphna Maduforo

ISBN: 978-2-88931-341-9
Series number: Focus Series No. 55
Publication: 2020

Domestic Violence is a scourge and reality in many societies around the world, but the topic is not given adequate consideration in terms of the required long-term help and information that victims, offenders and caregivers need. The focus on Domestic Violence brings an area of community and clinical psychology, mental health and overall well-being of citizens into view. The author explores the leadership roles of Churches, pastors and counsellors within religious and church institutions in providing long-term and sustainable healing to the affected and discovers gaps in their approaches. This book is an invitation for all stakeholders involved in family welfare and counselling of vulnerable persons, especially religious leaders and churches, to recognise the positive role of psychological therapy for healing the victims of domestic violence.


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