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Books with a focus on a topical ethical issues written by academics and researchers, usually with a continental or regional relevance

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Regional Organisations and Sustainable Governance of Mineral Resources in Tanzania

Author: Conrad John Masabo

ISBN: 978-2-88931-152-1
Series Focus No. 37
Publication: 2016

In today's global scene, there are obvious manifests of the changing perceptions and views over resource discourse. The negative image of resource as ‘a curse' is giving way to a more positive approach, stressing on the potential transformational role that resources can play in the processes of development. This has influenced the prominence of governance agenda and mineral resources governance in Africa in particular and the role of regional organisations in mineral resources governance. As such, regional organisations are rapidly acquiring more power that has positioned them to prescribe, promote and protect standards of governance in different sectors including mining sectors in member states, irrespective of their original purposes. This book examines the contribution of African regional organisations in governance of the mineral sector in Tanzania.


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