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Books with a focus on a topical ethical issues written by academics and researchers, usually with a continental or regional relevance

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Search for Non-Violent and People-Centric Development

Author: John M. Itty

ISBN: 978-2-88931-185-9
Series number: Focus No. 41
Publication: 2017

Market-centric development is not only unjust, inequitable, unsustainable, but also violent. The end of development-aggressive consumption, and the means—aggressive production, trade and accumulation—make development anti-people. The more marketable wealth is produced, the more ill-fare is brought instead of welfare. Financialisation of the economy and neglect of the ecology bring financial and ecological crises. Neglect of non-marketable wealth, like love, caring, sharing, concern for others and social/cultural capital, are the reasons for this malady. Only people-centric development that fosters production of non-marketable wealth along with marketable wealth can promote welfare. In this book, the author, highlights the importance for reducing production of wealth with negative utility, the need to foster spirituality of development, and suggests a few non-market programmes to promote people-centric development.


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