Focus Series

Each volume in this series focuses on a current ethical issue with global relevance and usually has a single author.

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The Relevance of Journalism Education in Kenya for Professional Identity and Ethical Standards

Author: Maryann Ijeoma Egbujor

ISBN: 978-2-88931-232-0
Series number: Focus No. 46
Publication: 2018

The world of journalism and mass communication is being challenged at this time to tackle growing concerns around journalism practice and training due to the spread of mediocrity, unethical behaviour, lack of professionalism in journalism practice, the abuse and denial of press freedom and the commercialization of the media landscape, which tends to undermine human dignity, human rights and liberty.' In this book, Ms Egbujor's presents a well-founded and valid hypothesis using a qualitative research approach in search for purposeful journalism education and offers recommendations for improved identity and ethical standards.


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