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1st Global Peace Convention: Everybody can receive and everybody can give



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The 7th national and 1st Global Peace Convention took place from 30 January – 1 February 2021, brining together over 550 people from 20 different countries online. The convention was organised by the National Peace Movement, in collaboration with Rotary International District 3040, Universal Solidarity Movement, and more. The 1st Global Peace Convention focused on the different dimensions of peace building, and spanned over 7 sessions with contributions from educators, social activists, teachers, students and more.

Dr Jose Nandikara, Regional Director of India chaired the session on the 31 January 2021, reflecting on topics such as ‘Peace Education' and the civilization of love. Executive Director, Obiora Ike gave an address at the convention, noting that ‘peace has been sought for by people around the world for centuries'. From an ethical perspective, he noted the challenges that obstructed the realisation of peace. A major challenge he noted was the many injustices in the world, which we must work to correct as peace is the fruit of justice. He exemplified the many dimensions in which injustices exist, ranging from social and climate injustice, to governance and injustices, as well as economic injustices. A solution to the many injustices is to continue to seek for truth, to treat one another with respect, integrity and fairness, simply because it is what each human being deserves. He applauded the Rotary foundation for their work, alongside the many other organisations that strive for peace and justice. He concluded that ‘when we work on justice, peace flourishes', and invited us all to ‘speak less about peace and talk more about justice'.

If you want to catch up, you can watch the videos by clicking here.


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