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Ethics in action: events in China

Future Development of the BELL visitOn 18 September 2016, Prof. Liu Baocheng and our China Programme Executive, Iris Liu, attended a salon about the Future Development of the BELL (Business, Environment, Learning and Leadership) programme in China. During the short trip they visited with the Director of CEEC (China Environmental Education Center) the Beijing Shougang Bio-energy Science & Technology Company, a Recycling economy demonstration base; and met with professors from Peking University and Tsinghua University.
Future Development of the BELL visitTogether they discussed Environmental Education, Research and Training on the prevention and response of social risk, the NIMBY (Not in My Back Yard) movement in China and the development of the green industry in China. Prof. Liu introduced the website to the participants as an international and online educational and research platform for ethical business behaviour and sustainable development.

Upcoming events

12 October 2016: Prof. Liu Baocheng will give a lecture on business ethics and ethical leadership to 150 CSR managers who come to participate in the program Sharing Responsibility - Public Interest Lecture Hall. He will take this opportunity to introduce the website.