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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

By Obiora Ike, Executive Director,

Every year, the season of Christmas and New Year are celebrated by peoples and families all over the world. People make the effort to unite, share time and express gratitude for the love they have received. Christmas messages, gifts, cards, wishes and meetings happen reminding us of Love - the central message of the man in whose name the feast is celebrated.  
At we share with our entire network and friends the challenges confronting humanity due to the growing lack of values, norms and ethical principles that guide people. We work to promote the integration of ethics in education and across sectors as a means to fostering global peace for sustainable development.

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Looking back on 2018: integrating ethics in education





elibrary an open access library

Building capacities through access to knowledge Library has grown its content with new collections and journals and makes it accessible and available for all. 

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Empowering authors around the world Publications has published 20 books this year addressing different topics. Most of them were written by authors from the Global South.

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Women at training Godfrey Okoye University, Nigeria

Transforming institutions and teaching methods

The Academy has delivered training workshops and online courses to different institutions across the world in 2018 with a number of them in Africa. 

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Chateau Bossey venue where Globethics,net June Conference was held

Living ethics, the holistic approach through its network has raised awareness of the importance of integrating ethics in education to transform society.

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Looking forward: walking together

Your engagement and support helps teachers, students, universities and professionals to make ethics a priority in their work and daily lives
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