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Obiora IkeEthics in Action - Ethics in Teaching

By Prof. Dr Obiora Ike, Executive Director,

The month of October this year is filled with events around the world and at the United Nations that focus on the place of Ethics in Action and in Education. World Teachers Day is celebrated on 5 October #WorldTeachersDay with the theme - ‘The right to education means the right to qualified teachers'.  This has been chosen to mark the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), which recognises education as a fundamental human right.  
On 17 October Global Ethics Day is devoted to Ethics in Action, with a focus at on Ethics in Teaching, a dimension that promotes the acquisition of both knowledge and character. The teacher in the classroom holds the key to what children, youth and students learn and know as they engage with the world. The teacher can be both a model and a mentor as well as a knowledge transmitter.
Another event that makes the month of October so important is taking place in the last week, starting on 22 October. It has been declared by the United Nations as Open Access Week with the theme 'Designing Equitable Foundations for Open Knowledge'. 
This is why has devoted this current edition of our Newsletter, dear readers to the events surrounding our efforts at Teaching and Doing Ethics globally. We, as well as UNESCO, believe that the right to education cannot be achieved without access to trained and qualified teachers. Society has entrusted teachers with the role of educating the young – citizens of the future to be well-equipped with skills and knowledge, founded on solid human principles that convey ethically accepted codes of conduct, truth about life and mentoring that are not just mere subjective opinions.  

Points of View

Sex, Money and Virtues: Students with Integrity

Online Distance Learning: the True Value of Autonomy

By Christoph Stückelberger, President and Founder of

She refused to have sex with her teacher, he refused to sit an exam for his friend, and he resisted earning money from cybercrime. Let me share with you three encouraging real-life stories of three of my students in Africa and Asia who successfully found ways to live with integrity. Read more

Girl sitting at a tablewith a laptop.

By Anja Andriamasy, Student at University of Leeds

The 21st century has been the pioneering age of digitalisation, engaging various areas to follow this new wave, including education. Indeed, education has also become digital in order to overcome the barriers of distance, under the name of Online Distance Learning for it to be geographically more accessible. Read more



Celebrate Global Ethics Day, 17 October 2018

thics in Higher Education for teaching professionals

Online course: enrol in Ethics in Higher Education for Teaching Professionals, November 2018

Discover how to strengthen your ability to recognise, understand and address ethical issues within your field of work through this eight week online course. Register now International Conference. Transforming Societies and Youth through Ethics in Higher Education
Join our team, exchange knowledge, experiences and learning to find solutions to current issues such as the growth of corruption, apathy, mediocrity and lack of quality in places where young people are taught, including in the higher education sector. Learn more


University of South Africa Workshop on Ethics in Higher Education

Ethics in Higher Education Training Workshop in Enugu, Nigeria, 23-26 October 2018

Attend this 3-day workshop and learn how to deal with ethical issues in the day-to-day work of the university. Read more



Wind millers and solar panels. Environmental and Sustainability Ethics webcast series
Join guest speakers Mark Campanale, Founder and Executive Director Carbon Tracker Initiative, and Michel Bauwens, Founder Foundation for Peer-to-Peer Alternatives External and expert at the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. Learn how to attend the webinar


Computer Keyboard Hands typing

Internship: IT Assistant 50-100% in Geneva, Switzerland, 26 October 2018

We are looking for an IT assistant (intern) to assist in various tasks related to developing a new website platform. Read more



Upcoming in our Network


What: International Conference on Ethics. Mainstreaming Ethics in Higher Education
When: 29-31 October 2018
Where: Nairobi, Kenya
More information here

What: BEN-Africa 17th Annual Conference. Ethics, governance and leadership as drivers for African growth
When: 8-9 November 2018
Where:  Maputo, Mozambique
More information here

Call for Papers: Ethics, governance and leadership as drivers for African growth
What: International Conference on Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity
When: 14-16 November 2018
Where: New Delhi, India
More information here
International Conference on Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Cyber Security What: The 5th Virtual International Conference on the Dialogue between Science and Theology (DIALOGO-CONF 2018)
When: 3-12 November 2018
Where: Romania
More information here
DIALOGUE International Conference. The 5th Virtual Conference on Dialogue between Science and Theology




Global Ethics Day in the Library

Educational online collections for teachers

Discover unique collections for teachers on ethics in higher education

These collections are developed with curated content by librarians to help educational staff at any level to find relevant resources for teaching ethics. Come and browse



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New Journals

Book of the month

Shaping Higher Education with Students - Ways to Connect Research and Teaching


Written and edited in full collaboration with students and leading educator-researchers from a wide spectrum of academic disciplines, this book poses fundamental questions about learning and learning communities in contemporary higher education. Read now

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Library Tip: Zotero 10 Steps to Build a Bibliography

Zotero: How to Build a Bibliography

Learn how to build a bibliography and add quotation footnotes in a Microsoft Word document in 10 easy-to-follow steps. Read more




Global Ethics Day in Publications

Education Ethics Series Publications

Learn about our publications series focused on education ethics

Guidelines on ethics in education. The series has been conceived to appeal to students and professionals alike. Take a look



New Publications

Le déclin des Baghole. Processus d'aliénation sociale des femmes en Afrique centrale

Ethics of Inclusion and Equality, Vol. 1 Politics and Society

Cet ouvrage étudie un cas, la femme chez les Nande de l'Est de la RD Congo. Il décrit les étapes et les facteurs du processus de son aliénation, à partir de l'époque ancestrale où elle était socialement appelée 'reine', Mughole, jusqu'à la période actuelle durant laquelle elle est devenue la principale cible des violences de tout genre, voire du viol. Read more

Ethics of Inclusion and Equality, Vol. 1 Politics and Society

The literature reflects a trend sweeping the world as of 2018: the success of far-right conservative politics as a reaction to liberal appeasement politics, identity politics and the rejection of multiculturalism. Read more


Faith at Work

Faith-Based Entrepreneurs: Stronger Together

Associations of Faith-driven Entrepreneurs and Workers

How can faith be lived out at work? How can ethical values be implemented in business? Believers in all religions are looking for answers. Christian entrepreneurs and Christian workers encourage each other in associations through conferences, training, coaching, Bible studies, prayer, advocacy, philanthropy and publications. Read more

Faith-Based Entrepreneurs Stronger Together. Report of the International Conference Geneva

The first worldwide, international conference for Associations of Christian Entrepreneurs and related organisations brought together a broad range of Christian denominations, including Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical, Pentecostal and Charismatic—a truly broad ecumenical forum. Read more



Network Updates


6th International Conference on Ethics Education. Long walk to ethics education
This year the 6th International Conference on Ethics Education supported by gathered togetjer more than 149 participants from over 30 universities to showcase ethics in education. Read more



Participants to the Workshop on Ethical Investments in Romania

Strengthening Ethical Investments in Church-based Organisations conducted a workshop on ethical management of assets in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in October. It was the first time that different Christian groups came together under one umbrella in Romania. Read more


Latin America

Seminary of Experts: People and Planet. Financial inclusion for social inclusion

People and Planet: Financial Inclusion for Social Inclusion

A Seminar of Experts was organised in Buenos Aires to discuss strategies, instruments and actions that can be taken to create financial products and services that are better aligned to protect and serve both the planet and the human population.   Read more


Participants to the G-20 Interfaith Forums

Key Role of Religion for Fair and Sustainable Development took part in the G-20 Interfaith Forum together with government leaders and religious, civil society and academic actors in Buenos Aires, Argentina to discuss the role of religion as a key element for sustainable development. Read more




Globethics Consortium MEMBER updates

We are looking for experts like you. Join the Pool of experts. Hands

We are looking for experts like you is opening a call for experts on applied ethics. If you are one, don't miss this opportunity to join the Pool of Experts. Learn more


Online course on Ethics in Higher Education for teaching professionals

An Academy adapted to your needs

The Academy has designed a course to allow teachers from Consortium Member institutions to strengthen their competences. Learn how to recognise, understand and address ethical issues within your field of work through this eight week online course.Special fees for Consortium Member institutions. Discover them now


Join Projects. Puzzle pieces

Interested in developing a joint educational project?

If you are a Globethics Consortium Institutional Member interested in developing a collection, Code of Ethics or a joint research project, send your proposal to our team and we will help you. Learn more


The Catholic University of Eastern Africa 

Participants to workshop on ethics in higher education and training-of-trainers workshop

University of South Africa on the super highway towards achieving Ethics in Higher Education

Discover the outcomes and impressions from the participants at the workshop on 25-28 September 2018 in South Africa.  Read more




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