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Poetical Excursus: Life Means Freedom and Choice

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If ethics was a note of music

It would espouse all musicality
That embraces the whole beauty
Of the world and humanity

If we think that ethics is a piece of art

Then feeling and living its beauty with all one's heart
Is the greatest gift given

That deserves to be honoured

Ethics is the sweet melody of life

That caresses its true value and meaning
With a dance of the minor and major chords
Using the soft sound of values and virtues

The musical notes and chords of this song of life
Play the melody of responsibility

Cradled by the sound of freedom

To create a harmony of values and serenity 

Read the full poem in the book 'Who Cares About Ethics?


Ms Anja AndriamasyMs Anja Andriamasy
Online Library and Administration Assistant