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Sex, Money and Virtues: Students with Integrity

Ethical Dilemma - Two arrows
She refused to have sex with her teacher, he refused to sit an exam for his friend, and he resisted earning money from cybercrime. Let me share with you three encouraging real-life stories of three of my students in Africa and Asia who successfully found ways to live with integrity.
The teacher told the first student that her bachelor thesis may not be good enough to pass the grade. However, he could see a way to let her pass. As he was looking at her breasts, she immediately understood: he was offering her a higher mark for sex. It was a tempting solution! She took a day to reflect. Her girlfriend encouraged her to refuse. The next day she told the teacher that she preferred to work hard during the holiday to improve the thesis, and would, if needed, even extend her studies by another semester. After she got her bachelor's degree and started her master's studies, she organised a ‘No Marks for Sex' campaign among students in her university.
The second student urgently needed money to pay for the next semester's university fees as his parents could not pay. His wealthy friend, who preferred parties to studying for exams, offered him the amount that would correspond to a semester's school fees if he sat for two of his exams. His friend would get him a false student card to get through security to access the large exam hall, all would be arranged. It was a tempting solution to his money problems! After reflecting on the offer he refused the offer and started working instead during the holidays laying roads, hard, physical work, sweating in dusty, hot air. At first he thought that such work was beneath his dignity as a student but his pastor told him that all work is dignified if it is done for the glory of God. He was proud of the solution that he found to his problems.
The last student fell in love with a young woman. She expected him to bring her wealth but as he came from a poor family, he could not meet her expectations. One day he received an offer out of the blue to work in telemarketing and to earn up to 5,000 USD a month. This was double the yearly income of his parents! After a one-day introduction he understood that it was the work of cybercriminals. His girlfriend pushed him to accept the work and threatened to leave him. It was a tough dilemma as he loved her so much! After one month of inner struggle he decided not to accept the dirty job. He lost his girlfriend. A year later he found another girlfriend who was not interested in money.
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