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China's Environmental Policy


Author: 鲍自然 (Bao Ziran)

Series number:Globethics.net China Ethics No. 2
Publication: 2015

近年来,中国的重大环境问题越来越密切地与政策执行相关。因此,本书的视角确定为环境政策执行,探究环境政策执行不力的症结所在,为政策制定者和执行者提 供理论借鉴。在理性"经济人"假设、机会主义假设和资源稀缺性假设的前提下,本书以制度分析、行为分析和利益分析为主线,运用博弈论、委托-代理理论、公 共选择理论,结合案例分析和问卷调查,分析了环境政策质量、政策执行资源、正式制度、政策执行主体和政策对象的行为、社会力量的监督等诸因素对环境政策执 行效果的影响。最后,得出六项利于环境政策有效执行的建议。

[In recent years, China's major environmental issues are closely associated with policy implementation. Therefore, the perspective of this book to determine the environmental policy implementation. This book offers the results of six environmental policies leading to effective implementation and to recommendations.]


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