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Goethe's Proto-Structuralist Morphology: From Visual Thinking to Algorithmic Pattern Recognition, Generation and Exploration
Validation of the Dutch-language version of Nurses' Moral Courage Scale
Green economy implementation in Ghana as a road map for a sustainable development drive: A review
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC): Management of the dead under Islamic law
Relationship between corporate social responsibility at the micro-level and environmental performance : the mediating role of employee pro-environmental behavior and the moderating role of gender
Drinking and partying among young Muslim women:Exclusion in the context of a normalized youth drinking culture
Four decadal urban land degradation in Pakistan a case study of capital city islamabad during 1979–2019
Maternal sexual empowerment and sexual and reproductive outcomes among female adolescents: Evidence from a cross-sectional study in Ecuador
Moral y derecho. Contradicciones conceptuales en el sistema filosófico de Fichte de los años de Jena (1749-1799)
Impact of country self citation on the ranking of the top 50 countries in clinical neurology
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