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Islamic member state and the scrutiny of the death penalty in the Universal Periodic Review
The parable of the prodigal son in the fiction of Elizabeth Gaskell
A narrative inquiry of Sudanese Muslim women’s perceptions of their integration into the Finnish society in Jyvaskyla City
Bringing Environmental Issues into Church Life & Bringing Faith-based motivations into the Environmental movement: What role can faith play in addressing environmental problems?
Power to the People: Employee Empowerment in Contemporary Organizations
Adaptable Nowa Huta: Revitalizing the socialist legacy
Pastoral counselling guidelines to address the negative effect of social media on the self-worth of believers
Entre consciências vigiadas e identidades híbridas : a trajetória de Antônio Henriques e os percursos culturais e identitários dos cristãos-novos face à atuação da inquisição portuguesa no âmbito da d...
Mobile Phones, Social Relations, and the Gatekeepers to Women's Empowerment in Maasai Households
Die Brits-Israeli beweging onder wit Afrikaanssprekendes: Vorming van identiteit in die "Nuwe Suid-Afrika"
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