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Islamic member state and the scrutiny of the death penalty in the Universal Periodic Review
The dependency of happiness on external goods in Nicomachean Ethics
Analisis Pemanfaatan Limbah Kecap (Ampas Kedelai) sebagai Bahan Bakar Padat Alternatif menggunakan Teknologi Hydrothermal
Μορφές «εθελούσιας οργανωσιακής συμμετοχής» στο δημόσιο ελληνικό σχολείο: η ευκολία ή η δυσκολία εμφάνισης τους και η σχέση τους με την "εργασιακή εμπλοκή" και την "εργασιακή ενσωμάτωση".
The role of premarital counselling for marriage stability: a pastoral examination of the interface between the Christian and Alago Indigenous Epawoza concept of marriage preparation.
Effect of Board Composition on Financial Performance of Commercial Banks in Kenya.
Proposing a framework for organisational sustainable development: integrating quality management, supply chain management and sustainability
Inovação do modelo de negócios e a criação de valor sustentável: um estudo em empresas da construção civil
Bottom of the pyramid : opportunity and feasibility analysis and strategy formulation.
Theological interpretation and inculturation Hermeneutics: a comparison, with special reference to the work of Justin Ukpong and the scripture project.
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