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Benefit your research by making the most of the library. These library tips will provide you with some hints and tricks to improve the way to use the library, improving your results and accessibility to the best open access documents on the library.

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How to search the Globethics Library

The following guidelines will help you to find your way through and get acquainted with the most important functionalities of the Globethics Library.

Read the Globethics Library Search Guide available here or watch the video.

Tips and tricks

null Search for resources by author in the Globethics Library

Searching for works by a particular author in the Globethics Library? You can filter resources in the library by author/contributor in a few different ways.

Under Browse in the left panel of the Library, click Authors. 


Then, in the search bar below "Filter by author/contributor" type in the name of the author you are looking for, for example, Globethics Board Member and Director of the East Asia Centre (Yogyakarta), Dr Dicky Sofjan, in library referencing style, as "sofjan, dicky":

You'll then find all of the resources the author has contributed to the Library. These results can be further sorted and filtered. Check out our Library tips to learn more about searching the repository for the best results.

Alternatively, you can browse authors who have created a profile on the website via the Author search and Browse by author pages. Using this function, you can also learn more about the authors in question.

For example, Dr Sofjan (shown above) is Core Doctoral Faculty in the Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies, located in the Graduate School of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Yogyakarta, Indonesia. His research and passion revolve around the study of political Islam and Muslim societies in Indonesia, Malaysia and Iran.

Discover how to create your own author profile on the Globethics Library.

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