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Article by Christoph Stückelberger on Tax Justice

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Read the article and post your comments on the forum or write directly to Prof. Christoph Stückelberger:
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RE: Article by Christoph Stückelberger on Tax Justice
19/08/11 17:11 en réponse à Admin PSW.
Tax Justice is a critical issue, not only now that governments need mor revenue due to economic turmoil, but always has been. The problem with tax collection is that it is very unfair, at least in developped countries like mine (Spain). The tax collection strategy of our government has been to collect taxes from those that have no possibilities of tax evasion, not from those that have more money; this is very pragmatic but totally unfair and unethical becaise it pursues an ethical end through unethical means. In our country (Spain) salaried people are paying the taxes because tax is directly reduced from salaries and because salaries are totally under control by the Tributary Agency. Normal salaried people have no means of tax evasion while rich people have battallions of lawyers and experts that makes it very difficult for the Agency to fight; so the strategy right now is to squeeze even more de lemon of normal people instead of trying to obtain the right taxes fron rich people; totally unfair.
One of the issues that you mention is tax evasion through fiscal paradises like some islands of the Caribbean, of the Channel, Gibraltar, or countries that practice banking as its basic source of income , like Switzerland, Luxembourg and others; I totally agree with Germany or France, countries that are trying to fight against this illegal and unfair practices of massive tax evasion and I would like my country to do the same thing; there are massive amounts of money that are diverted to fiscal paradises throughout the world while small decent people are being harrassed by the Agency for a few euros; we need time to work and develop our small businesses, not to go hours and hours to the fiscal offices to justify our small income and tax declarations; it is outrageous that in the meantime the economically powerfull are totally unscathed simply because they have economic and legal deffenses.
¡Taxes are basic, and taxes are basically unfair! The problem is that in the face of this situation governments like ours react with more unfairness instead of more fairness; once more politicians are dead wrong and dead unethical.

Fernando Chávarri
Politechnical University of Madrid (Spain)

RE: Article by Christoph Stückelberger on Tax Justice
26/03/14 06:38 en réponse à Admin PSW.
Decreasing top tax rates and capital gains taxes do not acquire more economic development as much as income inequality. This is one major reason why some republican law makers ordered to delete the report that the CRS released. According to them it does not meet their views and opinions with regards to tax imposition. Get a short term loan to pay for things while you are waiting for a pay increase.

RE: Article by Christoph Stückelberger on Tax Justice
12/02/15 17:28 en réponse à Fernando Chavarri Dicenta.
State revenue from tax is crucial to social and economic development in southern countries and makes them more independent from aid.  A government that levies tax from its citizens is more accountable to its citizens than a government that receives revenue from foreign direct investment or aid. When tax is raised, citizens will demand transparency on how tax is levied and spent. Finally tax can be used to steer economic activities so they benefit society at large, for example by taxing unhealthy or luxury goods such as tobacco or impelling corporations to shift to environmentally friendly technologies. For these reasons, engaging with tax policy and practice is increasingly considered by many organisations as essential for the achievement of justice, be it in relation to the economy, the environment or gender.

RE: Article by Christoph Stückelberger on Tax Justice
10/10/17 10:44 en réponse à Admin PSW.
Wery interrestinginmortaion thanks.

Best Regards