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As compassion fly

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As compassion fly
17/11/16 21:51
A lot of our ideas about compassion are flying today.

Ask about your father and mother: Do you have some compassion for them? what is the last time have you seen your parents? what is the last time have you ask for their needs? If they are ill what did you do for them? and so on ...

Ask about your freinds: Do they need you? how many time do you see your freinds and why? because you need to talk, or may be because you need to pass the time? and so on ...

Ask about yourself? yeah yourself? Did you have some compassion with yourself? Don't make mistakes that hurt your heart? don't eat or drink something that hurt your body? and so on ...

Don't let your parents, your freinds and yourself flying away from you. Catch them with some COMPASSION.