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Moral competence
10/11/17 20:29
New book: Georg Lind "How to Teach Morality"

While ethics deals with the outspoken guidelines for human behavior, moral psychology deals with the much neglected orientations and the  competences which actually determine human behavior. Especially moral competence has been very little researched. Jean Piaget and Lawrence Kohlberg developed a clinical interview method for measuring it; yet their method lacked objectivity. Forty years ago I have developed the first objective test of moral competence, the Moral Competence Test (MCT).
After a great wealth of studies with Kohlberg's interview method and our Moral Competence Test unanimously showed a) that moral competence strongly determines our social behavior (honesty, helping, whistle blowing, keeping contracts, decision-making, and even learning and teaching in general), and b) that moral competence is mostly, of not solely, determined by favorable learning opportunities.
These studies and the method for measuring moral competence and the Konstanz Method of Dilemma Discussion for fostering moral competence are described in my new book "How to Teach Morality" (Berlin, Logos).
Find the Introduction chapter attached.
More information:
Pièces jointes: Lind-2016_Chapter_Intro-not_quotable.pdf (230,4k)