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Home-Grown Solutions: Legacy to Generations in Africa, Vol.1

The collection of essays published in this first of two volumes tries to describe and analyse the nature and depth of the "home grown solutions" as presented in post-genocide Rwanda.   Lire la suite »

Reaching technoutopia through cyber ethics

Humanity is living between technoutopia and technophobia. Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) drive daily human lives, and it is causing ethical dilemmas: is AI being used to...   Lire la suite »

Managing and Teaching Ethics in Higher Education

Following the development of's new Strategy, Vision and Mission, the International Conference 2018 came as an honest contribution to the urgent search for...   Lire la suite »

Ethics empowering higher education in India

A Programme for Teachers of Higher Education March 2019 - The Department of English of the Scott Christian College together with organised a conference on ‘Ethics and...   Lire la suite »

New National Contact for Nigeria is pleased to announce the appointment of Rev. Fr. Dr Ikechukwu Ani as National Contact for Nigeria as of March 2019...   Lire la suite »

Library Tip: Search theses in Library

Follow the steps and discover to search theses in Library. As an example we will search for socialists education theses and we will save them on my Zotero library 1. We go...   Lire la suite »

Newsletter No 3/2019 - Integrating ethics in investments and assets - infusing numbers with values

In the real world of management and economics, conditions of supply and demand determine the market. Entrepreneurs and businesses design their activities to create wealth, increase assets,...   Lire la suite »

Christoph Stückelberger appointed Visiting Professor at Leeds Beckett University

Prof. Dr Christoph Stückelberger, Founder and President, was appointed on the 25 March 2019 Professor at the Leeds Beckett University , as of 1 June 2019.    ...   Lire la suite »

Education - the key to 'new civilizations'

In October 2018 the Club of Rome adopted the ‘Emerging New Civilizations Initiative' as one of its core themes. It aims to amplify the paradigm shift towards seeing the world as an...   Lire la suite »

New collection: Research Ethics Philosophical

Research ethics philosophical focuses on the relations and differences between ethics and research, between on one side an instrumental rationality, which rules sciences and technical...   Lire la suite »
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