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Our New Indonesian Publications - Now Available!

Two new Indonesian Publications are now available! Both are available below and  on our Publications Page for you to download for free, or you can order printed versions from Amazon!


Etika Sosial dalam Interaksi Lintas Agama

Nina Mariani Noor/ Ferry Muhammadsyah Siregar (eds.)
ISBN 978-2-940428-82-3 - Focus No. 21

There are nine articles in this book on three understandings of social ethics in interreligious interactions. Five articles discuss various religious themes in the perspective of different religious traditions, three are about social themes from a specific religious point of view, and one article describes the public space where religion could play an important role.

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Dealing with Diversity:
Religion, Globalization, Violence, Gender and Disaster in Indonesia

Bernard Adeney-Risakotta, ed.
ISBN 978-2-940428-68-7 - Focus No. 17

An archipelago of more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia is one of the most diverse countries in the world. It includes hundreds of languages, cultures and religions, including the world's largest Muslim population (more than the whole Middle East put together). Indonesia has a long and relatively successful history of dealing with diversity. This has given rise to many institutional mechanisms for dealing with diversity that are strikingly different from Western institutions. This rich Indonesian experience is an important global resource in learning to deal with diversity.

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