Globethics.net Newsletter n°6 – August 2007

A consultation in India, a digital library in the design, a workshop in the Swiss mountains, a publication freshly printed, an international conference in 2008… Globethics.net is buzzing with...   Lire la suite »

Globethics.net Newsletter n°5 - December 2006

Since last summer, significant changes have taken place and are heralding a new phase in the network's life. Looking back, 2006 has really been a rich, exciting, but also challenging year for...   Lire la suite »

Globethics.net Newsletter n°4 – August 2006

This is a brief version of the Globethics.net newsletter, intending to keep you updated on the latest news and developments of our initiative. In this edition, we particularly draw your attention...   Lire la suite »

Globethics.net Newsletter n°3 – May 2006

This is the third Globethics.net newsletter, sent to all registered users. In this edition, we particularly draw your attention to the report on the Globethics.net workshop held in March at Beirut,...   Lire la suite »

Globethics.net Newsletter n°2 – February 2006

This is the second Globethics.net newsletter that is sent to all registered users. The Globethics.net newsletter shall serve as our primary means of information. Please make use of this newsletter...   Lire la suite »

Globethics.net Newsletter n°1 - December 2005

Dear Globethics.net participants, this is the first Globethics.net newsletter to be sent to all registered users! I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your interest and your...   Lire la suite »
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