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« Back International Conference a step further on Ethics in Higher Education

This international conference came, following the Foundation's new strategic Vision and Mission, as an honest contribution to the urgent search for solutions to a world noticeably and without doubt in disarray, as problems continue to mount high.
"How to translate and make ethics practically present and relevant in the classroom and lives of students, teachers and professionals who emerge from higher education institutions?" 
More than 100 teachers, policy makers, research fellows, vice-chancellors, ethics and scientific institutions, consultants, NGOs, IGOs and other stakeholders gathered from all over the world during three days to answer this question at the International Conference from 4-6 June 2018 at the Château de Bossey in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. 
Participants at the International Conference
During the conference, had the opportunity to share the development of products and services, which respond to the practical needs for implementation of ethics in higher education institutions.  The keynote speakers, panellists and presenters of academic papers and workshops, representing different higher education stakeholders, enriched the dialogue by bringing to the table different perspectives of the benefits of embedding ethics in higher education.
Ghanaian government minister responsible for tertiary education, the Hon. Prof. Kwesi Yankah, spoke about education in his own West African country and across the continent. He said that two factors could hinder development, parents buying examination papers for the children and people getting degrees from fraudulent overseas institutions.
Roland Schatz, Founder and CEO of Media Tenor International SA and Senior Advisor to the UN Director General, emphasised the importance of education as a tool to achieve all the SDGs and media visibility to raise awareness.
On the second day, an Irish university vice-president, Daire Keogh, a professor of history and Deputy President of Dublin City University and a Swiss industrialist, Walter Linsi, co-founder of Belimo AG told the international conference participants how they used vision, determination and persuasion to, on the one hand, amalgamate some educational institutions, and to run an ethically-based international and highly-profitable company.
Pavan Duggal, an advocate in India's Supreme Court and a new Board member of, gave his keynote speech on: "Cyber-security and ethics in education: Access, privacy and the regulatory environment." He brought attention to the point that "ethical issues around access need to be well sensitised to all stakeholders in the education ecosystem".
The international conference confirmed that all of the stakeholders in higher education share a common goal: to embed ethics in institutions and in teaching., with its new vision, is not only bringing them together to share their experiences but to work together and create social impact.