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September 2010

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Editorial by Christoph Stückelberger

Dear participants of,
It is amazing to see how our global ethics network is growing. Every day, between 15 and 30 new participants register from all over the world. There are now 7889 registered participants (28 Sept). By the time you read this newsletter, there will be more than 7900. According to the activities listed by the participants, there are more than 2500 teachers/professors, mainly at university level, more than 2000 students, 3900 researchers, 1300 policy makers and campaigners and 800 from the private sector. This shows the broad interests of participants, but also the future potential of the network. If we look at news services such as CSR-news on Corporate Social Responsibility, it is possible that more professionals from the private sector may join and we encourage you to invite them to join.
When we look at the 209 countries and territories, where most of the visits to the website came from this year, we see a very strong participation from Asia. From India alone we have almost reached 1000 registered participants (the 1000th will get a book!) and many are joining from Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Pakistan and other countries. It is partly a fruit of the hard work of the Regional Programmes that we started this year in China, Indonesia and India. We are preparing the Regional Programme in East Africa in October in Nairobi. Please enjoy this network, search for people you are interested in (login, go to network/participants) and enjoy the new resources in the library that we describe below.

Best greetings

Christoph Stueckelberger, Director and Founder of

The Library

New journals in your library! has subscribed to more than 100 new journals through its commercial partner Gale Cengage Learning. These include:

African Studies Quarterly
Ahfad Journal
American Journal of International Law
Anthropological Quarterly
British Journal of Community Justice
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva
Columbia Journal of Gender and Law
Contemporary Economic Policy
Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

… … and many more! To see the list of all the 256 journals available click here

To receive email alerts when a new article is published in your favourite journal in the library, click on "join" on the right of the description page of the journal.


New collection: find the World Council of Churches ethics resources in your library! has started a new institutional collection. The ethics-relevant institutional documents published by the World Council of Churches (WCC) are now regularly harvested and are visible in an institutional collection here. More than 1700 documents are already available.

We offer the possibility of adding the collection of your own institution online in the library

If your Institution is interested in making its documents available in the library, by using it as your own digital archive, please contact the librarian at Use the tools we have developed for you. You can already see three institutional collections online (ISBEE, COREDEM, WCC) here. Their size varies from 190 to 17’000 documents.

The Network

Social networking is now on Facebook and Twitter! has just joined the largest social networking websites, Facebook and Twitter, to further expand our vision and efforts to more corners of the worldwide web. We feel it is important to utilize the internet and its tools to its fullest potential and increase participation of people in the search and discussion of global common values and respect of ethical contextual diversity. Participants or Facebook users can join the page at or follow us on Twitter at and get updates on news, events and current affairs related to as well as give comments and suggestions.

News from the International Secretariat and the Regions India

The secretariat is very pleased to announce that it has opened a new regional programme in India with a cooperation agreement signed this month. This brings the number of regional programmes to three, with the two other programmes that have already been established in China and Indonesia.

The India programme is coordinated by a team of directors representing three partners: the Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram (DVK) Pontifical Athenaeum of Philosophy, Theology and Canon Law in Bangalore; the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB); and the Asian Centre for Peace and Development in Coimbatore (ACPAD).

The DVK is an independent institute for higher learning and formation, established by the Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education. They have undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in philosophy and theology, oriental canon law, formative spirituality and counselling. Professor Saju Chackalackal is Dean of DVK’s Faculty of Philosophy and the new Director of India.

Professor Vasanthi Srinivasan is Associate Director of India and an Associate Professor at IIMB. The IIMB was established in 1973 and has risen to become one of the premier institutes for management education and research in India offering a wide range of postgraduate and professional formation programmes.

The Asian Centre for Peace and Development (ACPAD) was started by Dr. Carr and Rev. Jacob Belly, Associate Director of India to study the developments that affect the problems of the South Asian Community. The programmes of ACPAD started with a Conference on Peace and Development in South Asia, with a special focus on Sri Lanka. Since its inception, the centre has been regularly conducting workshops and seminars to sensitize academics, researchers, policymakers and students in South India.

Regional Directors Workshop

The Directors of the three Regional Programmes in China, India and Indonesia met together for the first time during a four day workshop in Geneva at the international secretariat from 20 to 23 September. Professor Saju Chackalackal, new Director of India from DVK in Bangalore was able to learn from the experiences of Professor. Yang Hengda from the Center for International Business Ethics (CIBE) in Beijing and Director of China and Professor Siti Syamsiyatun from the Indonesia Consortium for Religious Studies (ICRS) and Director of Indonesia. During this workshop, the regional coordinators had the chance to share their experiences and lessons learnt in their specific context. A large part of the workshop was reserved for planning the year ahead, for further developing the strategy and activities of the regional programmes as well fundraising efforts in the regions. The strategy of regional programmes already shows manifold fruits. Very soon, India will be the first country to reach the number of one thousand registered participants. The number as of 27 September is 956. The development of participants per country can be seen by selecting a country in the search field here.
In order to search, you have to login first. 

Staff changes

Natalie Emch, Executive Assistant to the Director, leaves the international secretariat in Geneva at the end of September. After several years at the international secretariat and her central role in contributing to the development of this young foundation she will take up a further education. She is replaced by Ms Lucy Howe Lopez and Ms Nadia Gianoli who will both be working part time (75% and 80%). The Director and the team are very thankful to Natalie for her excellent professional work, her high commitment and her very friendly communication with the participants, the Board and within the team. We wish her all the best for her future journey.

Ms Lucy Howe Lopez has been appointed as Program Coordinator and new Executive Assistant to the Director of She will also coordinate project planning and financial monitoring. She graduated in theology from Heythrop College in London and has extensive experience in working with NGOss in the development and microfinance field and the private sector, bringing important competencies in project management and administration. Lucy is originally from the UK but has spent several years in Peru, Switzerland and France and speaks fluent English, French and Spanish. Her wide competencies and experience will enrich the team as well as contribute to the mission of We warmly welcome Lucy to the team!

Ms Nadia Gianoli has been employed at since the beginning of March as research assistant. She now has taken up new responsibilities as Project and Network Assistant. She will also be responsible for carrying out a new research project on ethics and responsibility in cooperation with the Fondation pour le progrès de l’homme in Paris. Nadia will be the main contact person for participants and communicates fluently in Italian, French, English and Spanish. She graduated in development studies and global ecology at the Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies, Geneva. Her professional and academic experience and wide range of interests related to ethics will be a great contribution to the secretariat and the network. We congratulate Nadia on her new position! ;


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