null Newsletter No 6/2021 - With Ethics - A New Dawn and A New Era for Humanity Emerges


With Ethics - A New Dawn and A New Era for Humanity Emerges

By Obiora Ike

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All indicators point to the need for a new dawn for humanity, within countries but also across borders and internationally. The world is changing. A new horizon emerges and many are searching for and wishing for something better, to live in "One World" built on mutual respect for individual and collective responsibility and achieving and sharing the well-being of humanity and of the entire planet.

Millennials and the youth in the "majority world" make up nearly 70 percent of the world's population and speak a language completely different from the language that their parents and predecessors understand. Guided by current needs and concerns, equipped with new tools of modern technology, they have the freedom to discover knowledge shared cross-culturally in a new environment, beyond parental guidance, cultural mores and school confines. 


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The Path to Sustainability 

CSR & Sustainable Development Course Instructor, José Antonio David explains key concepts such as social responsibility, sustainable development and actions for a more sustainable future. 

In the Spotlight: Divya Singh

Meet Divya Singh - Chief Academic Officer at Stadio Holdings, and current Director of Southern Africa. Learn more about her long-standing collaboration with and more on her thoughts regarding online learning. 

Peace-Building and Conflict Resolution Collection Launch

On 23 June 2021 from 14:00-15:00 Librarians will present the latest collection on Peace-Building and Conflict  Resolution. Join them and discover the interdisciplinary, global, ethical and interreligious aspects of the collection.

Academy - A Learning Journey


Like a Long Quiet River: Quality Assurance and the Development of a Qualitative, Open and Distance Learning Environment

Quality assurance is more than a documented formality. In as much as the completion of the benchmarking exercise in May 2021 constitutes a crucial milestone for consolidating the quality of Academy's educational offer, quality assurance also addresses the internal organisational needs.

"Being Part of Something Bigger Than Ourselves": How Pool of Experts Members Participate in the Journey of Promoting Ethics In Higher Education

On 14 May 2021, the Academy invited members of its Global Pool of Ethics Experts for a roundtable meeting to exchange on opportunities to participate in the organisation's mission to integrate ethics in higher education.
Cyber Ethics
Starting date: 18 October 2021
Registration: Open - Freemium Model


Ethics in Higher Education for Administrative Professionals
Starting date: 20 September 2021
Registration: Open - Freemium Model
Interreligious Cooperation for Peace- Part B
Starting date: 18 October 2021
Registration: Open - Freemium Model

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Library - A Library in your Pocket

Peace-Building and Conflict Resolution Collection Launch

Through this interdisciplinary collection, the Library offers an important contribution to global peace ethics, covering a wide range of political, social, cultural, economic and (inter-) religious perspectives of peace-building.

World Council of Churches collection

The institutional "World Council of Churches collection" has recently been updated with new content collected from its website. Thanks to an electronic bridge between the two sites, new resources are automatically added to the collection on a weekly basis.

New Video: Library 

Learn more about the Library and the many resources availabe to you by watching the latest video on the YouTube channel. 

Book of the the month: The New Common 

This open access book presents the scientific views of fifty experts on how they believe the COVID-19 pandemic is currently affecting society, and how it will continue to do so in the years to come.

Publications - Read everywhere

The Status, Rights and Treatment of Persons with Disabilities within Customary Legal Frameworks in Uganda 

Brian Dennison

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Walk the Talk - Africa/Asia. Report of the International Online Conference, Jan / Mar 2021

Geneva Agape Foundation

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Events - Coming soon...

Encuentro sobre Ética y Compliance entre Sector Público y Privado (ESP)
When: 15 June 2021
Where: Online 

What: Online meeting 
Peace-Building and Conflict Resolution Collection launch
When: 23 June 2021
Where: Online 
What:  Collection launch 
CSR in the Travel Industry
When: 23 June 2021
Where: Online
What: CSR meet up 
Ethics in Higher Education and Sustainable Development 
When: 26-27 July 2021
Where: Online 
What:  Webinar 

Network updates

Dialogue, Mediation and Reconciliation as functional mechanisms for Conflict ManagementEthics and Democracy: Democratic rights - necessary but not India: Good thoughts and theory must lead to action
Online Conference on Spirituality, Religion and IrreligionWater Ethics: What does it mean in practice?Call for Sustainable Integral Development Goals

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