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Ethics in Higher Education the strategy for success

By Obiora Ike

Ethics for succes - ladder
Every organisation needs a strategy—a plan of how it's going to achieve what it has set out to do. But, more than that, a strategy also needs to embody an element of the strategy's goal. For, that element is ETHICS: Empowerment, Transformation, Holistic approach, Integrity, Competences and Sustainability.

Last August, we brought together the Regional Programmes, National Contacts, members of the Consortium for Ethics in Higher Education and key stakeholders, for a 3-day strategic workshop full of planning and fellowship to decide how best to collaborate to address the needs of Higher Institutions integrating ethics in education… 

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Global Ethics Day 2018

Remember Global Ethics Day on 16 October 2019

Our vision and our work at are dedicated to promoting Ethics in Higher Education.

We are joining other organisations to suport the fourth Global Ethics Day.

Join us on that day. Share your reflections by e-mail: or on our FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn pages

Tell us what does ethics means for you.






Sala de conferencias - Seminario Internacional sobre Ética en la Educación Superior en Buenos AiresLaunch of Water Ethics: Principles and GuidelinesWomen listening -CUEA Conference 2018
Seminario Internacional de Ética en la Educación Superior, una dimensión transversal 
When: 21-22 October 2019 
Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina

What: International Conference 


Launch of Water Ethics:
Principles and Guidelines
When: 28 October 2019 
Where: Geneva, Switzerland
What: Book launch

International Conference on Ethics: Preparing Ethical Professionals through Higher Education 

When: 11-12 November 2019 
Where: Nairobi, Kenya
What: International Conference
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More events

Inauguration of La Fondazione Vittorino Chizzolini

18th Annual BEN-Africa Conference



Next Big Things

Did you know that we are upgrading our Library?

Our librarians are working to offer you a new library full of new functionalities, such as 

  • improved search facets 
  • options for citation exports 
  • integration of ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor Identity)

And much more that will make browsing the library easier.

Launching soon:



Network Updates

Launch of Water Ethics: Principles and new logoMen with bag - Think outside the bag
Jordan opens to has signed a memorandum of understanding with the American University of Madaba to introduce ethics into higher education.
Fifteen years living ethics - same passion, new logo
This year is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary. Throughout these years, the world has evolved and changed. has changed too.
Building courses together with Jesuit Worldwide Learning has signed an agreement with Jesuit World Learning to develop and support their online education programmes. 
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Group of students - Empowering Law Professors in India through EthicsGeneva United Nations - flagsWomen speaking workshop The House of Ethics Amman
Empowering Law Professors in India through Ethics
'Ethics in Legal Education' was the topic of a two-day training of 35 law professors from 13-14 September 2019 at the University of Delhi, Campus Law Centre. - Standing up for One World has reaffirmed its commitment to collective action, centred on a vision of a peaceful and prosperous world for all.
Developing a Code of Ethics in Amman was invited by The House of Ethics, a Jordan-based institution, to organised a workshop to develop a Code of Ethics at their office in Aman
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More news

Water Ethics Principles launched in Italy and New York

Ethics Education in Smart Cities

Ethics in Knowledge Management


Resolving Ethical Dilemmas: 50 Cases from Africa for Teaching and TrainingWater Ethics: Principles and Guidelines

Resolving Ethical Dilemmas: 50 Cases from Africa for Teaching and Training
This is an honest, tough and practical book in which real people recount their real predicaments concerning poverty, sex, bribes, school fees, forced marriage, healers and traditional rites. Ethics is about what is good and bad. An ethical dilemma, however, is not a decision between good and bad but often between bad and not so bad solutions.

Water Ethics: Principles and Guidelines
Some would say that ethical perspectives on water management are not important or that they do not bring any added value. This text on water ethics claims the opposite; it brings ethical values and principles to bear on current water issues to provide solutions that improve the chances of positive outcomes for all concerned.
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L'interdépendance des droits de l'homme au principe de toute gouvernance démocratique: Commentaire de Souveraineté et coopérationsSpirituality 4.0 at the Workplace and FaithInvest - Building Bridges

L'interdépendance des droits de l'homme au principe de toute gouvernance démocratique: Commentaire de Souveraineté et coopérations
Pourquoi la notion de « souveraineté démocratique » est-elle si pervertie ? Pourquoi les États s'en considèrent-ils comme les détenteurs, alors que la souveraineté des peuples est constitutive de l'idée même de démocratie ? 

Spirituality 4.0 at the Workplace and FaithInvest - Building Bridges
How can spirituality strengthen faith and values in daily professional decisions? How is spirituality in the modern cyber-world 4.0 with constant global connectivity possible? This report summarizes the speeches, panel and group discussions with recommendations from participants from all continents.
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