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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Message

By Obiora Ike team group photo
"In the beginning was the Word"
Many wise teachers throughout history have reminded us that "in the beginning" was the Word, understood as "the divine mind", from which comes the universe of time and space and the consciousness which humans continue to carry through time.  As we near the end of the year 2019 and enter a new year 2020, the season for us at brings us into union with humanity and our networks around the globe who celebrate the feast known since 2,000 years ago as Christmas.
In deep appreciation, we remind ourselves that Christmas represents the feast of our common humanity, which gathers families, friends and relations together.  We at believe that values-based education is the greatest gift that we can offer to students and indeed to the world.  As C.S. Lewis has reminded us: "education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil". ...

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A year applying ethics in higher education

Honourable Minister for Forgein Affairs of Nigeria, Geoffrey Jideofor Kwusike Onyeama

Nigerian Minister supports ethics as key for better governance started the year with the visit of the Honourable Minister for Foreign Affairs of Nigeria,  Geoffrey Jideofor Kwusike Onyeama, who shared with the team his views on the importance of ethics in education, governance and across all sectors.

Lutherans join Consortium

The Lutheran World Federation, long-standing partner and former Consortium member of GlobeTheoLib, signed up as a member of the new Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education, joining other institutions putting ethics at the forefront of education on the world's agenda.  

Empowering higher education with ethics in India India together with the Department of English of the Scott Christian College organised in March a conference focused on enhancing teaching methods and ethical values in the curriculum to empower the student community in India.  

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Cyber Ethics 4.0 book launch at WSIS 2019

Reaching technoutopia through cyber ethics

Concerned by the ethical dilemmas that Artificial Intelligence is causing in humanity, organised a workshop on 'Cyber Ethics, Education and Security: Serving Humanity with Values' at the 10th World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in Geneva, Switzerland in April. Some of the panellists, authors of the book 'Cyber Ethics 4.0: Serving Humanity with Values', were invited to address the ethical dilemmas digital evolution is causing in humanity.

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plant growing in hands - caring for the logoindian people in a lab talking

ACAP III: Responsible asset management and ethical principles for investment commenced the third phase of its African Church Assets Programme (ACAP) in May with a three-day event that brought together 29 leaders and individuals from various religious and educational institutions from across the continent. The event was an opportunity for leaders to learn about and to develop principles for ethical investment.

Fifteen years living ethics: same passion, new logo

With the establishment of new vision 'Ethics in Higher Education' and with fifteen years of history as the global ethics network, launched its new logo and visual identity in June 2019. This change aims to renew and strengthen our message and mission.

Strengthening the network in India President and Founder, Christoph Stückelberger, visited India in the month of July to deepen's contact and network in the country and to sign cooperation agreements with several Indian universities, such as the University of Delhi and the Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH).

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Amélé Ekué at International Workshop with University Vicechancellord

Ethics Education: Strategy for Success

At the start of the second half of the year and of the academic year, held an important workshop in Geneva, Switzerland from 28-30 August 2019, with representatives from the Regional Programmes, National Contacts and Consortium Members. The aim of the workshop was to develop strategic partnerships and action plans with the participants following our Strategy 2019-2022.

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participants at the workshop held in AmmanInternational Conference in Argentinalady participant at the east african conference on preparing ethical professions through higher education conference

Developing a Code of Ethics in Amman

As a direct outcome of the International Workshop held by in August, was invited by The House of Ethics, a Jordan-based institution, to assist them in developing their Code of Ethics. President and Executive Director, Christoph Stückelberger and Obiora Ike respectively, travelled to Jordan in September to visit, assess and organise a workshop at their office in Amman.

First International Conference on Ethics in Higher Education in Latin America

In October, the month selected to mark Global Ethics Day, and with the Argentinan elections running in the country, and the Catholic University of Argentina (la Universidad Católica Argentina, UCA) organised the First International Conference on 'Ethics as a transversal dimension in higher education: Challenges for Latin America' at UCA in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Preparing Ethical Professionals through Higher Education Conference

Since 2017, one of the founding institutional members of the Consortium, the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) under the guidance of East Africa has held an annual conference to integrate ethics in their university environment. This year's conference in November was aimed at preparing ethical professionals through higher education. 

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A new Library -mobile friendly

Launch of new Library

In the second half of November lauched its new library on applied ethics and related fields of study. It is now available for you for free. The Library has been designed to adapt to your needs. You can: 
  • access and view the Library on your mobile phone;
  • refine your search using multiple filters with the faceted search;
  • export your search results in standard formats; and
  • browse renowned authors' profiles and their publications
More than 200 collections and journals are waiting for you.

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