null Newsletter No2/2020 - After the Corona Virus Hopes and Lessons from the Ashes of World War II


After Coronavirus - Hopes and Lessons from the Ashes of World War II

The birth of the United Nations, the European Union, the Marshall Plan and the end of the era of slavery and colonisation

By Obiora Ike

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Undoubtedly, life will be different from now on, hopefully. We are all part of the ongoing tragic and drastically speedy invasion of human space by the tiny virus COVID-19. This virus has dramatically and forcibly disrupted and stopped the way the powerful and the various actors on the world stage operate. For once there is palpable fear and trepidation at all levels of action and the arrogance found in the world of politics and social life, the economy and markets, finance and businesses, the arts and entertainment industry, cultural and religious leadership and indeed the entire world of research and education including science and technology have been put to question. The Coronavirus has unleashed monumental and damaging pains on the world with thousands of dead and sick people lying around that even the living have no possibility to bury their dead.
The proportions of this unfathomable pandemic with its devastations are still unclear and the end is unknown to humankind. Yet, yearnings are already loud with hope for something new to emerge post-COVID-19. Could this tragic global pandemic usher in some massive attitudinal change from all persons and institutions needed towards establishing enduring values that sustain and promote life?

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COVID-19: What our Network is saying

Following the Statement, Ethics in Times of COVID-19 and the Statement from the President, COVID-19: Let's stay together – at a distance, we are inviting our network to share their thoughts and experiences. Here is a selection of what those in our network have to say about COVID-19.


Daily Life and Ethics in COVID-19 Times
by Milton Mejía, South America
Fear of COVID-19 Pandemic
by Mohammed Jilal, Kenya
How to Control COVID-19
by Dr Nausahd Khan, Pakistan
World with a mask
COVID-19: A New World Order
by Prof. Charles Ssekyewa, Uganda
COVID-19 Could Help Reduce Road Deaths
by Dr Lee Randall, South Africa
Lockdown Uncertainty In Uganda
by Linda Lilian, Uganda
10 Commandments for Responsible Pastoral Reactions to the Corona-Crisis
by Dr Dietrich Werner, Germany
COVID-19: Reflections on the Philippine Response
by Yolanda S. Lira, Philippine
Coping with COVID-19 in Kenya: A slow start to high alert
by Herbert Makinda, Kenya

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money, dollars banknote, pills and syringe on white background corruption in medicineLibrary tip: Author profiles - a way to promote your work in the Library

Book of the month: An archaeology of corruption in medicine
The currency of corruption is not always material or financial. Moral corruption is all too familiar within churches and other ostensibly beneficent institutions, and it happens within medicine and the pharmaceutical industries.

Library tip: Export and share your citations and references
Learn how to export all your search results in various formats: BibTex, EndNote, RefMan and CSV, import them in Zotero and share items through social media and e-mail.
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Ética y economía: la relación dañada (Parte II)

Ética y economía: la relación dañada (Parte II)

Esta segunda parte del volumen Ética y Economía reúne en su contenido los temas centrales de los tres Diálogos de Alto Nivel que se sucedieron luego del primero realizado en noviembre de 2016. Los tópicos que recorren los distintos capítulos del libro colocan los problemas que el desarrollo aporta desde una perspectiva de inclusión social teniendo en cuenta los desafíos que entrañan el avance de la tecnología y la automatización para el mundo del trabajo, las finanzas, las relaciones de género y la sostenibilidad ambiental.

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Ética del agua - Éthique de l'eau book launchInternationaé Health Congress on non-communicable diseases

Water Ethics - Éthique de l'eau - Ética del agua

When: 8 September 2020 
Where: Geneva, Switzerland
What: Book Launch 
The 2nd International Health Congress on non-communicable  diseases - Comprehensive Mental Health & Well-Being
When: 23-25 September 2020 
Where: Geneva, Switzerland
What: International Conference
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Network updates

Conference participants

Teaching with Integrity: Professional Ethics in Higher Education

With a focus on the need for the inclusion of ethical values in higher education and the need to enhance integrity in the field of research by the researchers of various disciplines, the Department of English of Scott Christian College in collaboration with India organised a two day National Seminar in Nagercoil. The Seminar gathered 160 teachers, researchers and students from institutions from across the southern Indian states. 

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