Partenaires de réseautage

EJN logoThe Ethical Journalism Network (EJN)   
The Ethical Journalism Network promotes ethics, good governance and independent regulation of media content. The EJN was formed in 2011 as a unifying professional campaign bringing together owners, editors and media staff to strengthen the craft of journalism. It works across all platforms and supports partnership at national and international level between media, journalism support groups and the public. 



GKP Global Knowledge Partnership

Global Knowledge Partnership is the world's first multi-stakeholder network in the area of ICT for development. GKP brings together public sector, private sector and civil society organizations with the goal of sharing knowledge and building partnerships in knowledge and ICT for development. GKPs activities and programs foster the innovative application of knowledge and technology to address and solve development issues in four strategic themes - Access to Knowledge, Education, Poverty Reduction and Resource Mobilization.

Vision: A vibrant, current and inter-active website for views, comments, reports and news on governance, business ethics and anti-corruption in the United States and across the world.

Mission: To disseminate information and strengthen understanding of the critical issues of institutional governance, business ethics and anti-corruption, by reporting on key developments and providing a forum for diverse opinions. 

WSCF has been a spirited, formational and life-giving movement of Christian students for over 110 years.

Since its founding in 1895, the passion, love and spirit of justice of WSCF's young leadership has kept it a maker of history in countless people's movements, churches and political spheres.

Today WSCF continues as the foremost leader in ecumenical formation for Christian students and youth in more than one hundred national movements across the globe.