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Ahmadi Women Resisting Fundamentalist Persecution: A Case Study on Active Group Resistance in Indonesia (2017)
Nina Mariani Noor
ISBN 978-2-88931-222-1-Globethics.net Theses No. 27

Since the start of the Reformasi era and the fall of the New Order regime led by President Suharto in 1998, there have been numerous incidents of violence against the Ahmadiyya in Indonesia stemming from different interpretations of the Qur'an, which has led to the destruction of mosques and cases of murder.  This dissertation focuses on Ahmadi women's experiences in dealing with conflict and the ways they organize themselves to resist conflict for the betterment of their lives in the face of social and institutional discrimination.

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John of Damascus and Heresy. A Basis for Understanding Modern Heresy (2017) 
Timothee B. Mushagalusa
ISBN 978-2-88931-205-4-Globethics.net Theses No. 26

This study investigates the understanding of heresy and the heretic according to Saint John of Damascus. For him, a heretic was any Christian who, by wilful choice, departs from the one orthodox tradition by adopting a personal opinion on the common faith which he intends to institute as sole truth. Our research is divided into two parts and aims to apply John of Damascus' understanding of the recurring identity of the Christian heretic and his behaviour. By using historical-theological, interdisciplinary and diachronical approaches, the author demonstrates through two case studies, namely, the Dutch Reformed Churches and Apartheid, and Kimbanguism, that this Church Father, who is the ‘seal of the patristic era,' remains a relevant authority for our comprehension of heresy and the heretic.

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Struggles for Women-Inclusive Leadership in Toraja Church in Indonesia and the Evangelical Church of Vietnam (2017)
Le Ngoc Bich Ly
ISBN 978-2-88931-210-8-Globethics.net Theses No. 25

Traditionally, women in Vietnam have been seen as the sole nurturer and care-taker of the family. Similarly, recent reports show that both men and women in Vietnam expect women to behave in a socially constrained way. Women's struggle for leadership in religious organizations in Southeast Asia has been particularly characterized with various levels of accomplishment. This study takes the Toraja Church in Indonesia and the Evangelical Church of Vietnam as two cross-cultural case studies. As the main causes of change in the churches, the author discusses (1) the degree of destabilizing forces from external context and institutional structure; (2) the degree of support and identification with the struggle by male leaders; and (3) the dominant existence of women's feminist projects and their success in turning their feminist projects into collective effort.

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Women's Status and Gender Relations in Post-Genocide Rwanda (2017)
Josephine Mukabera
ISBN 978-2-88931-193-4-Globethics.net Theses No. 24

After the 1994 genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda, the Government introduced gender equality programs in its development priorities to reduce gender-based inequalities and poverty. Currently, Rwanda tops the list as the country with the highest proportion of women in parliament worldwide, with nearly 64 percent of seats held by women. However, some people remain biased against the concept of women in position of power. Institutional gender sensitive norms, equally benefiting women and men, and correcting gender biased practices in leadership opportunities and rights provision are needed. This work assesses changes related to women's status and gender relations at the local level of Rwanda, exploring the responsibilities allocated to women in the local government, religious institutions and the family decisions.

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Work Motivation and Pro-Social Behavior in the Delivery of Public Services (2016)
Nicoleta Acatrinei
ISBN 978-2-88931-150-7-Globethics.net Theses No. 23

Motivating civil servants is a key issue in the delivery of public services. Issues such as efficiency, performance, anti-corruption and quality of public services are highly dependent on the motivation of employees in public services. How to motivate them in order to better fulfill the objectives of public agencies? This research is original by proposing, thanks to a structural equation modelling, a global work motivational model allowing the disentanglement of intrinsic and extrinsic work motivations and their inner interactions. She shows how and when these types of motivation impact positively or negatively various work related outcomes, such as prosocial behavior, anti-corruption behavior, job satisfaction, altruistic behavior at work which are sources of efficiency and ethics in government activities.

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Les fondements éthiques du féminisme: réflexions à partir du contexte africain (2016)
Fifamè Fidèle Houssou Gandonou
ISBN 978-2-88931-138-5-Globethics.net Theses No. 22

Qu'y a-t-il d'inacceptable aujourd'hui, en Afrique comme ailleurs, dans la condition féminine? Le féminisme bien compris est une réponse à cette question et un effort pratique pour relever le défi d'une injustice criarde, qui maintient la femme dans l'infériorité. L'auteure de cette dissertation présente la clé de compréhension de ce problème social comme une variante du combat contre l'inégalité, où l'éthique déontologique universelle est centrale avec son exigence de dignité pour tous. La première partie du texte évoque la condition féminine en Afrique, la seconde présente l'histoire et l'évolution du féminisme sous différentes formes, enfin la troisième partie, intitulée "Le féminisme, une question éthique et théologique" se concentre sur la déconstruction de l'éthique classique épurée de toute idéologie masculiniste. 

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Intelligence Reformation in the Post-Dictatorial Democratic Republic of Congo (2016)
John Kasuku
ISBN 978-2-88931-120-0-Globethics.net Theses No. 21

While the current body of knowledge on the role of intelligence services in post-colonial Africa emphazises the protection of dictatorial regimes and poor governance of the security sector as the main contributing factors to the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of African intelligence services, this book offers a critical analysis of the missions assigned to intelligence agencies during different periods of DRC's political history and demonstrates that Congolese intelligence services rather efficiently protected Western interests during the Cold War period, when the West was competing with the Soviet Union over the control of the African continent. During this period, for over three decades, they incidentally protected the political leadership, which is the key role for intelligence services in virtually all states.

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Federalism in Nigeria: Between Divisions in Conflict and Stability in Diversity (2016)
Monica Emmanuel
ISBN 978-2-88931-106-4-Globethics.net Theses No. 20

Nigeria is a product of the amalgamation of Northern and Southern British protectorates, that is the primary cause of the Nigeria's political instability, ethnoreligious divisions and underdevelopment. Adopting a pragmatic constitutional approach that institutionalizes federal constitution would produce a promising political mechanism for addressing ethnic, cultural and religious diversity. Meanwhile the adoption of relevant political structure should be guided by the ethical and political comparative advantages of many different political structures. The originality of this doctoral research is based on findings from data analyses that show positive dispositions of respondents to adoption of a federal constitution to achieve stability in diversity and the current operation of unitary constitution as inappropriate. The study underlines that adoption and implementation of a federal constitution, fiscal federalism and secularism is sine-qua-non.

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Collines des mille souvenirs : vivre après et avec le génocide perpétré contre les Tutsi du Rwanda (2016)
Andrea Grieder
ISBN 978-2-88931-100-2-Globethics.net Theses No. 19

Aimable K. S., rescapé du génocide rwandais, écrit: "La souffrance a construit une maison dans mon coeur. Je pleure pour qu'elle soit détruite." Ce témoignage pose directement la question centrale qui anime cette recherche doctorale en anthropologie, centrée sur le génocide perpétré contre les Tutsi du Rwanda. Comment retrouver sa beauté intérieure en dépit des effets traumatiques du génocide et ainsi les surmonter ? Collines des mille souvenirs aborde cette question à travers des portraits, essentiellement de rescapés. Il s'agit d'un regard intime et profond, entre anthropologie et littérature, qui appréhende la vie d'aujourd'hui dans le cadre du paysage émotionnel et social de la société post-génocidaire. Un voyage vers les mille collines du Rwanda – et leur charge mémorielle –, qui esquisse des chemins de guérison.

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Ética de la investigación en ciencias sociales (2016) 
María Florencia Santi
ISBN 978-2-88931-085-2-Globethics.net Theses No. 18

El propósito de esta tesis de doctorado es hacer un análisis filosófico de los problemas éticos que pueden suscitarse en el contexto de las investigaciones de las ciencias sociales. El capítulo 1 tiene como propósito reconstruir brevemente la historia de la ética de la investigación social y dar cuenta de los desarrollos y debates académicos actuales en torno a estos temas. El capítulo 2 tiene describir las principales estrategias metodológicas de las ciencias sociales y realizar una aproximación a los problemas éticos. Los capítulos 3 y 4 se centran en el análisis particularizado de los problemas éticos de las investigaciones sociales a la luz de diversos conceptos clave: daño, riesgo, beneficio, autonomía, privacidad y confidencialidad. Los capítulos 5 y 6 abordan una temática novedosa: el análisis del concepto de vulnerabilidad y los problemas éticos que implica la inclusión de personas en situación de vulnerabilidad en estas investigaciones. 

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Financial Sustainability of Church Related Organisations (2016)
Bright Gabriel Mawudor

ISBN 978-2-88931-081-4-Globethics.net Theses No. 17

Church Related Organizations (CROs) contribute largely to social and economic development. But many of them in developing countries are today facing a financial crisis due to many years of dependency on foreign donations for their diaconal work and as donor support declines. This empirical doctoral thesis in Business Management analyses key determinants for financial sustainability of CROs in Kenya. Key factors for financial sustainability are asset management, donor diversification, own income generation and the donor relations. The book is relevant for Board and management of CROs and other civil society organisations CSOs, for finance officers, for donors as well for students in business management.

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Justice and Poverty as Challenges for the Christian Churches (2015)
Bosela E. Eale
ISBN 978-2-88931-077-7

The goal of this thesis is to investigate the role of Christian churches and the government in the fight against injustice and the eradication of poverty. In the first two Chapters, an overview of the concept of justice is proposed in both the New and Old Testaments, in the light of the challenge for the churches. Chapter three concentrates on an in-depth analysis of the issues surrounding poverty and its causes. The role played by international organisations with regard to the eradication of poverty in developing countries, and especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), is questioned, while an analysis of the impact of industrialisation and globalisation on developing countries is carried out. Chapter four discusses the theological concept of poverty. The aim of this discussion is to develop theological ethics that can be applied by the churches in their struggle against poverty. The last Chapters tackeles poverty in DRC: plausible explanations are given for why some people live in extreme poverty and not others.

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Les héroïnes sans couronne. Leadership des femmes dans les Églises de Pentecôte en Afrique Centrale (2015)
Kilongo Fatuma Ngongo
ISBN 978-2-88931-037-1-Globethics.net Theses No. 15

Les femmes, c'est ça l'Église! Cette thèse de doctorat historique, empirique, missiologique et éthique montre le rôle clef des femmes dans une église pentecôtiste en Afrique Centrale entre 1921 et 2011. Le service dans tous les domaines et l'absence des femmes dans les organes de décisions sont les grandes caractéristiques du leadership de femmes. La consécration des femmes au ministère pastoral reste un défi. Le livre est un appel bien-fondé pour un nouveau paradigme du genre et de coopération des femmes et des hommes dans les églises.

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Évangélisation et pratique holistique de conversion en Afrique (2015)
Alexis Lékpéa Dea
ISBN 978-2-88931-057-9- Globethics.net Theses No. 14

Qu'est-ce que l'évangélisme ? À quoi reconnait-on une Église évangélique ?
Cette thèse veut rendre compte d'une rencontre et d'un changement global qui se produit dans les croyances, les pratiques religieuses, voire la vie tout court des populations Bété, Néyo, Kroumen, Guéré, Wobè et Dan de l'ouest ivoirien qui ont embrassé le christianisme.
Il s'agit pour nous, dans un premier temps, de décrire leur conversion et de montrer comment les missionnaires, étrangers pour la plupart, ont entrepris l'implantation du christianisme, et dans un deuxième temps de montrer la manière dont ces conversions ont été perçues et vécues par les populations elles-mêmes.

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Ethnonationalism and Conflict Resolution: The Armed Group Bany2 in DR Congo (2015)
Naupess K. Kibiswa
ISBN 978-2-88931-031-9- Globethics.net Theses No. 13

Based on evidence collected and analyzed about repetitive armed conflicts in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa, Dr. Kibiswa establishes in this book that Bany2 armed group leaders, involved in insurgencies, fit into the two Van Evera's criteria of ethnonationalist groups. Indeed, they display more loyalty to their ethnic group than to the DRC nation and are moved by their desire to achieve statehood. As such, this underlying motivation of their never-ending fights is hard for the DRC nation to accommodate, while their geographic proximity to their fatherland as well as the availability of natural resources provide them with favorable conditions.

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Appellations johanniques de Jésus dans l'Apocalypse: une lecture Bafuliiru des titres christologiques
Kashindi Mulolwa
ISBN 978-2-88931-039-5-Globethics.net Theses No. 12

Cette thèse en théologie sonde la christologie, c'est-à-dire l'étude de la personne, de la doctrine et de l'oeuvre de Jésus Christ. Elle vise à éclairer les appellations données à Jésus à travers l'évangile de Jean dans l'Apocalypse. Une comparaison est présentée entre l'analyse herméneutique classique de ces titres et une lecture spécifique Bafuliiru, selon la compréhension de ce peuple d'Afrique.

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Justice climatique et interdiction de nuire (2014)
Frédéric-Paul Piguet
ISBN 978-2-88931-004-3 – Globethics.net Theses No. 11

Justice climatique et interdiction de nuire constitue une synthèse interdisciplinaire d'une ampleur rare. L'auteur a médité les thèmes clés des sciences de l'environnement dont il agence le propos de façon organique et structurée, l'érudition servant toujours à cerner sa question principale. Il montre les insuffisances de la justice distributive et la pertinence de l'intervention du principe d'interdiction de nuire dans le dossier climatique. En reconnaissant la biosphère comme support de vie commun des êtres humains, ce livre introduit une rupture épistémologique que la philosophie morale n'avait pas encore répercutée avec une telle puissance. Saura-t-il lancer et soutenir un débat nécessaire ?

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Local Culture and Early Parenting in China: A Case Study on Chinese Christian Mothers' Childrearing Experiences (2015)
Jun Yan
ISBN 978-2-88931-065-4 - Globethics.net Theses No. 10

With the increase of Chinese Christians born in the "post-70s" and "post-80s" generations, the issue of early childhood education in Christian families deserves attention from an academic standpoint in these days. This study aims to interpret the meaning of Christian families' childrearing experiences within the social and cultural contexts of China. It explores the educational philosophy of Chinese Christian families and examines how it influenced their childrearing activities through the detailed descriptions of Chinese Christian mothers' childrearing experiences. Christian fathers are more involved in education than non-Christian. The parents act with the dual cultural orientation of "Sincization" and "Christianization".

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Improving Sustainable Performance of SMEs. The Dynamic Interplay of Morality and Management Systems (2014)
Jörg F. W. Bürgi
ISBN 978-2-88931-014-2  – Globethics.net Theses No. 9

This thesis aims to design and develop a comprehensive SME model and measuring tool and to close the narrowing gap of research concerned with performance optimization in SMEs. This study focuses on the positions of 27 individual SMEs concerning specific issues against their societal, economic and physical context.

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Right to Food Ethics: Theological Approaches of Asbjørn Eide (2015)
Jude Likori Omukaga
ISBN 978-2-88931-047-0- Globethics.net Theses No. 8

The question of hunger world-wide is a striking paradox: Why should the world that enjoys a radically advanced human civilization still face threats of disease and death from hunger and starvation? This paradox provokes three other related questions: Firstly, what exactly does hunger as a world problem consist in, and how does it come about? Secondly, the persistence of this paradox compels the question as to whether there have been attempts to its solution: What are these attempts, and why does hunger still persist?

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Philosophical Premises for African Economic Development: Sen's Capability Approach (2014)
Symphorien Ntibagirirwa
ISBN 978-2-88931-000-5  – Globethics.net Theses No. 7

The issue of Africa's economic development has always attracted the attention of scholars and policymakers. The purpose of this research is to appraise the cultural foundations of African strategies of economic development and see whether the neglect of the African value system may not have led to Africa's development impasse.

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Nouveau! Social Ecology, Ecojustice and the New Testament: Liberating Readings (2015)
Carlos Alberto Sintado
ISBN 978-2-940428-98-4- Globethics.net Theses No. 6

Our planet Earth is going through an unprecedented crisis. The current ecological predicament is such that has the potential to annihilate life. This dissertation reads selected New Testament texts, using the key tenets of Social Ecology and ecojustice as a basic hermeneutical framework. As witness of the story of God's good creation and of the pilgrimage of God's people, the Bible is providing a critical contribution to justice and peace and to the people's commitment to safeguard God's creation.

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Le Prophète Michée face à la corruption des classes dirigeantes (2013)
Ibiladé Nicodème Alagbada
ISBN 978-2-940428-88-5 – Globethics.net Theses No. 5

Les contextes sociopolitique, économique et religieux du 8ème siècle av. J.-C. ont favorisé l'éclosion de la corruption aux multiples facettes dans le royaume de Juda. Elle atteint toutes les instances dirigeantes. Le prophète Michée, face à cette corruption des classes dirigeantes et animé par le souffle de Dieu, rempli de courage, de force et d'esprit de jugement, se présente comme un paradigme de la responsabilité ou de l'autorité prophétique de l'Eglise face à la corruption..

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Éthique de la non-violence (2013)
Kahwa Njojo
ISBN 978-2-940428-60-1- Globethics.net Theses 4

Qu'est-ce que la non-violence ? Que pourrait apporter cette notion dans la recherche de la paix ? Le but de ce travail est de faire une lecture socio-théologique de quelques enseignements de Jésus sur la non-violence. L'analyse du concept de « non-violence » et l'étude exégétique de quelques passages des évangiles synoptiques permettront d'affirmer que Jésus est l'enseignant, le partisan et le pratiquant de la non-violence.

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Parler en langues ou parler d'autres langues. Approche exégétique des Actes des Apôtres (2012)
Nyembo Imbanga
ISBN: 978-2-940428-50-2- Globethics.net Theses 3

Le thème du "parler en langues" intéresse non seulement les partisans de la doctrine pentecôtiste, mais aussi des théologiens de diverses tendances interpellés par l'ampleur actuelle du mouvement pentecôtiste et charismatique. Mais la profusion d'ouvrages souvent doctrinaux, nous laisse insatisfaits à cause des positions partisanes, subjectives et contradictoires des uns et des autres. Le débat est non seulement doctrinal mais aussi prisonnier des traditions héritées et d'écoles théologiques. Cette thèse propose une approche exégétique pour examiner les textes du Nouveau Testament, et notamment les Actes des Apôtres, et apporter une autre analyse du phénomène de "parler en langues".

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Ethique de la migration. La valeur de la justice comme base pour une migration dans l'Union Européenne et la Suisse (2012)
Ange Lusanga Sankieme
ISBN: 978-2-940428-48-9- Globethics.net Theses 2

Le problème de la migration est aussi ancien que l'humanité, bien qu'il se pose de nos jours avec beaucoup plus d'acuité. En Suisse, les initiatives sur l'immigration, l'asile et la naturalisation s'inscrivent dans une longue tradition qui s'est toujours ravivée, la plupart du temps, par une multitude de résaux d'extrême droite. Dans l'état actuel du monde, de plus en plus interconnecté et globalisé, la mobilité et l'expatriation deviennent des droit inaliénables des citoyens modernes et aucun État ne devrait iniquement s'opposer à l'entrée des étrangers sur son territoire national, avec des restrictions bien sûr, mais sans pour autant justifier les discriminations retrouvées dans la manière de gérer la question de la migration.

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Eglise, Protection des Droits de l'Homme et Refondation de l'Etat en République Démocratique du Congo. Essai d'une éthique politique engagée (2012)
Kitoka Moke Mutondo
ISBN: 978-2-940428-30-4- Globethics.net Theses 1

Que fait l'Eglise devant les violations des Droits de l'Homme dont sont quotidiennement victimes les populations de la République Démocratique du Congo? Comment l'Eglise, peut-elle contribuer à la construction d'un Etat de droit dans ce pays?C'est à ces questions que tente de répondre Kitoka Moke Muntondo en définissant les rôles que doit jouer l'Eglise dans le processus de refondation de l'Etat en République Démocratique du Congo en vue de faire de ce pays un Etat de droit.

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The Struggle for Women Empowerment Through Education

Mary Rose-Claret Ogbuehi: The Struggle for Women Empowerment Through Education

Author: Mary Rose-Claret Ogbuehi

ISBN: 978-2-88931-363-1

Series number: Globethics.net Theses Series
Publication: 2020

Women are subjected to all kinds of violence, such as rape, forced marriage, forced identity, dependence, and a lack of freedom of expression, giving rise to the status of women as second-class citizens. Despite this gloomy picture, women across cultures agree that this denigration can only be stopped and reversed if those who are victims are educated so that they can discuss the problems, proper solutions, and see to their implementation. Many female authors write about the trauma that women undergo and the various ways in which women are marginalized in a male-dominated society. This thesis is based on novels by two female authors, Second Class Citizen (1974) by Buchi Emecheta from Ibuzo, Nigeria, and Das verborgene Wort (2001) by Ulla Hahn from Kirchhundem, Sauerland, Germany. It critically discusses the subjugation of women and violence against them through the prism of the novels' main characters.


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