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The Journal of Religion & Society has been established to promote the cross-disciplinary study of religion and its diverse social dimensions through the publication of research articles, essays and opinions, review articles, and book reviews. The focus of the journal is American religions and Western religious traditions.

The Journal of Religion & Society is a refereed academic journal dedicated to the publication of scholarly research in religion and its diverse social dimensions (ISSN: 1522-5658). All submissions to the journal will be subject to blind peer review.

As an electronic journal taking full advantage of the World Wide Web, the Journal of Religion & Society will incorporate photos, graphics, and other media where appropriate in its articles. Moreover, the journal will publish material on an ongoing rather than a periodic basis, eliminating any backlog between acceptance and publication, and also accelerating the publication of scholarly research.

Each volume of the journal will be limited to material published within a given calendar year. The journal also publishes a Supplement Series (ISSN: 1941-8450) consisting of occasional collections of essays on a particular theme or topic.



ISSN: 1522-5668



The library contains all the articles from the Journal of Religion and Society from Jan 1, 1999 to Current.




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  • Ethique politique
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    • Ethiques théologiques

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